We love all things vintage. Furniture with character. Older pieces. You know the kind…when you say to yourself, “they just don’t make it like that anymore!”

Knot Too Shabby is our store that combines a selection of eclectic vintage housewares and home decor with our true passion: refinished furniture. We strive to preserve the rich history that each piece of furniture offers, through altering the cosmetic appearance with paint while preserving the original hardware, stain, or paint in the distressing process.

Old furniture and vintage decorations offer character and charm that you simply don’t see in contemporary items! Even “new” vintage (like Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn) are mass-manufactured and don’t offer the charming imperfections that are so prevalent in pieces that have been loved over the years.

Most antique pieces, no matter how well made have their quirks. A sticky drawer, a slightly miss-aligned door, etc. We want you to love what you buy, so before you take it home open every drawer, look inside every cabinet, check the furniture backing! Love every imperfection that it has to offer because once it’s paid for, we don’t accept returns or exchanges.


Meet the Owner, Michele


Some people collect stamps, coins, memorabilia…I collect furniture! “knot too shabby” is my store, showcasing my collection of refinished furniture.

Along historical Route 66 with the scenic foothills to the north, you are sure to find something truly unique and one-of-a-kind for your home! Plus, amongst the collection of refurbished furniture pieces are a wide range of vintage oddities and handmade accessories; from jewelry to baby items.

There’s something for everyone! Read more about our team…