Owner & 
Furniture Restorer

I LOVE to read!
Painting furniture is both an addiction and a relaxation method!
I’ve met Annie Sloan!
I have my Bachelor’s in History. Who knows why.
I have a Master’s Degree because I needed to defer my student loans and the best way to do that was to go back to school.
The first three years of knot too shabby allowed me to pay off ALL my student loans!
Our family motto is, “we are not a sports family.”
Virtually my entire life revolves within a three mile radius.
I do everything in my power to avoid the 210 freeway.
I HATE shopping. HATE it.

Covid has been a challenge for EVERYONE!

In March of 2020, like many small businesses across the globe, I had to furlough my girls. I had hopes of bringing them back with a couple months to kick off the summer season. But, as you know from living here or listening to the news, LA County has been stricter than most in regard to shutdowns, health orders and other requirements. I managed the shop on my own through the summer and fall, endured another shutdown of surrounding business through the holiday season and first of the year (and, though we weren’t required to close, the myriad of restaurants and salons in the Village were and that had HUGE impact on local retail). By March, 2021 it became apparent that I wouldn’t be able to bring them back. 

So, more than a year later, I am back to basics…very much like how I first started the business. It’s just me navigating the retail environment, operating with limited hours and promoting the variety of opportunities that are still available at knot too shabby. We LOVE our customers and know that this season will end eventually, even if it has altered our long term business plan and the normalcy of our day to day operations. Thank-you for your support and grace!