Our Team



Owner & 
Furniture Restorer

I LOVE to read!
Painting furniture is both an addiction and a relaxation method!
I’ve met Annie Sloan!
I have my Bachelor’s in History. Who knows why.
I have a Master’s Degree because I needed to defer my student loans and the best way to do that was to go back to school.
The first three years of knot too shabby allowed me to pay off ALL my student loans!
Our family motto is, “we are not a sports family.”
Virtually my entire life revolves within a three mile radius (with the exception of when I work at ktsMONROVIA)
I do everything in my power to avoid the 210 freeway.
I HATE shopping. HATE it.
I have a 1968 VW Bug that I dream about refurbishing and turning into a mobile paint mobile for off-site workshops and outreach. 


Online Sales & Store Manager

Super fun, quirky and ambitious, Caitlin graduated from USC and started her own photography business…Killer Cupcake Event Photography! She is enormously talented! She takes amazing pictures and is a killer writer! You can catch a glimpse of her work by visiting our Etsy store or searching for our finds on eBay. I think one of the coolest things Caitlin has been involved with is her work in research and development with Marvel Studios! She was involved in the research for Thor, Captain America, and The Avengers. We are super lucky to have nabbed Caitlin for our online sales and merchandising! 

Guest Artisan and Workshop Coordinator

Kelly started as one of our amazingly talented interns and dedicated over six months of her life to learning painting techniques and immersing herself into all things “knot too shabby” until we were in a position to bring her on as employee. That is DEDICATION! She has become an invaluable member of our team, lending her skills as an artistic, providing direction in visual displays and becoming our go-to person for custom chalkboard lettering orders. Kelly is our lead team member at knot too shabby MONROVIA and is on her way to teaching painting, lettering, fabric dying and other workshops!  

Workshop Instructor 

I’ve known Audra (pictured on the left) since before knot too shabby existed. We are mommy friends, attending the same mom and me activities and participating in church events. With an artistic flair and a love for painting, she became a quick back-up when we needed inventory to fill space. Since then, Audra works one afternoon every week while I watch her two little ones. She also is our only other certified paint instructor and has allowed us to offer more workshops every month! In fact, everyone should take at least one class with Audra, who will have you walking out the door inspired and motivated! 

Trash Picker, Furniture Fixer & Fellow Diet Coke Junkie

I can thank my dad for my horrific Diet Coke habit, but he is the first to run and grab a soda for me before I start a shift! Dad is a converted yard sale and trash picking enthusiast. In the old days, when Mom and I used to go yard saling, Dad would stay at home and comment on how what we bought was gross. “Why would someone want another persons junk?” But, over time he would watch the “junk” I brought home be transformed into something entirely new and beautiful. And, he has since become a fellow picker…even from the trash. Dad has also taken some woodworking classes in the past few years and is accomplished at completing minor repair work on anything from dressers to chairs. Aside from helping at the store with Mom every week, Dad is a great Papa and loves hanging out with the girls when I’m working! 

Mr. Muscles

Alex is the muscles behind the madness! I never thought I would get to the point to where I would simply hire someone to move things around…but that’s what Alex does. He stops by the shop once a week to make sure that furniture is making its way from storage into the shop or vice versa. He keeps the storage unit organized, the back of the store cleared of clutter and has been instrumental in helping with the set-up and tear-down of our annual BAZAAR. Sadly, the muscle mass in my arms is dwindling because of Alex’s hard work! 

Master Furniture Mover, Picker Partner & Life Saver

Mom (Sue) and I share a very special picking relationship. We have been yard sale partners for years! Every Saturday morning, I pick up my mom at the crack of dawn to scout the sales. We call it our “special time.” What with the kids and hubs, we don’t get that alone time often. Every Sunday morning, mom wakes up with bruises up and down her arms and legs from all of the furniture moving she helps me with! Poor mom! She also works in the store during the week, helps prep pieces that are being stored in her garage and rescues me from my kids when they are tearing the store apart, makes me dinner every Tuesday night, etc. Tell mom thanks when you see her because she volunteers, too!

Master Shopper & Supply Picker Upper

Kathie is my mother-in-law and saves my life by doing all of my shopping! She picks up supplies for the store, odds and ends that I need to finish projects, stuff I need for home…I really hate shopping and she is so good at it! Kathie is retired too, so she is always a phone call away from picking up my girls, grabbing us lunch if my fridge is empty, or anything else that is needed! Please say thank-you to Kathie when you see her, because she rarely gives me the receipts for store supplies and purchases!