Owner & 
Furniture Restorer

I LOVE to read!
Painting furniture is both an addiction and a relaxation method!
I’ve met Annie Sloan!
I have my Bachelor’s in History. Who knows why.
I have a Master’s Degree because I needed to defer my student loans and the best way to do that was to go back to school.
The first three years of knot too shabby allowed me to pay off ALL my student loans!
Our family motto is, “we are not a sports family.”
Virtually my entire life revolves within a three mile radius.
I do everything in my power to avoid the 210 freeway.
I HATE shopping. HATE it.

Store Manager & Marketing Coordinator

Super fun, quirky and ambitious, we can’t wait to bring her back! Caitlin graduated from USC and started her own photography business…Killer Cupcake Event Photography! She is enormously talented! She takes amazing pictures and is a killer writer! As the event organizer for the Annual knot too shabby BAZAAR, Caitlin seeks out and provides support to carefully selected artisans and vintage curators to create the one-of-a-kind shabby chic event of the year. I think one of the coolest things Caitlin has been involved with is her work in research and development with Marvel Studios! She was involved in the research for Thor, Captain America, and The Avengers. We are super lucky to have nabbed Caitlin for our store management & marketing coordination!


Meet Stephanie
Graphic Design Genius and the Official knot too shabby Health Nut

A Chapman University graduate with a talent for graphic design and photography, Stephanie joined our team in 2018 as a knot too shabby Intern. Even during her furlough in the midst of COVID, Stephanie has been advising on various marketing initiatives. She participated in building our Artist in Residence Grant program, facilitated demos during the knot too shabby BAZAAR, designed our shop t-shirts and has since become our go-to person for anything graphic design related. Not only that, but Stephanie is the Director and Editor of our Fix-it-Friday Video Features which will be making an appearance in the Spring of 2019.

Furniture Picker, Painter, Cleaner, Workshop Coordinator

She’s a jack of all trades! Gina is that amazing person that comes into the shop a few hours a week, and when you get in the next day the drawers are organized, the trash cans are emptied, paper towels are restocked and there is toilet paper on the roll. But, she’s so much more than the person who keeps the back end of the shop looking neat and tidy. Gina scouts out much of our beautiful furniture and gets it to the shop. Plus, she keeps the workshop schedules and sign up sheets updated online and in the store! Gina has been part of our knot too shabby family for years having started as a workshop participant, graduated to Painting Passport Holder, then knot too shabby BAZAAR vendor (where she held the title of highest grossing vendor two years in a row) then finally I twisted her arm into working on a very part time basis!

Trash Picker, Furniture Fixer & Fellow Diet Coke Junkie

I can thank my dad for my horrific Diet Coke habit, but he is the first to run and grab a soda for me before I start a shift! Dad is a converted yard sale and trash picking enthusiast. In the old days, when Mom and I used to go yard saling, Dad would stay at home and comment on how what we bought was gross. “Why would someone want another persons junk?” But, over time he would watch the “junk” I brought home be transformed into something entirely new and beautiful. And, he has since become a fellow picker…even from the trash. Dad has also taken some woodworking classes in the past few years and is accomplished at completing minor repair work on anything from dressers to chairs. Aside from helping at the store with Mom every week, Dad is a great Papa and loves hanging out with the girls when I’m working!