For the past year, we’ve all experienced rising costs from gas to groceries. Knowing how hard my own pocket book has been hit by the huge increases, I’ve lamented raising prices in the shop. For over ten years, I’ve absorbed the increasing cost of goods as well as freight charges in order to refrain from raising prices on my main products. From day one, I have sold Annie Sloan Paint for $38.95. In fact, when can sizes increased from quarts to liters, I didn’t raise the price. So technically, the price actually went down because you got more paint for the same amount of money. That never happens! But, just like the grocery store and the gas station, I am being forced to increase prices.

Ask anyone in the handmade business, pricing items is one of the hardest things to do. How do you know what to sell things for without giving it away or even breaking even and still make a small profit? For almost all of my products pricing is easy. I’m told what it has to sell for. Sometimes it’s a suggestion…MSRP (Manufacturers SUGGESTED Retail Price). Other times, the price structure is built into a contract. Such is the case with Annie Sloan Paint and Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint. I don’t have any choice in the minimum price of paint and supplies. I am contractually obligated to sell it at a minimum price.

And, like your bread and milk, butter and cheese, paint prices and the supplemental supplies are increasing.

February is the month to stock up! Treat your Valentine, your Galentine or yourself to all the paint and supplies you can handle at the 2011 pricing! Because on March 1st, 2022 a liter of Chalk Paint® will be $42.99 and a can of wax will be $29.99. If I run out of your favorite color, you can pre-pay and pre-order at the old rate until February 22nd, 2022. So, get those orders in…you can call, order online or swing by the shop! And remember, that Annie Sloan Paint is still THE BEST DECORATIVE PAINT in the industry and competitively priced compared to other paint in the marketplace.