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14 Karat Fun – A Bingo Adventure for the Entire Community

Golden Animal-54

In the online revolution of convenience over experience, it’s a challenge for the small business owner to dream up new ways to make shopping more interactive and personable! What if shopping in a community was about a collective experience? What if small businesses collaborated on an experiential shopping activity? What if the Downtown came together […]

What’s New from Annie Sloan


Last week, Kelly and I packed our bags and headed to the good ole’ south. New Orleans to be more specific. The US distributor for Annie Sloan Paint, Unfolded is headquartered in that amazing city. Every year, we gather as a group of Stockists to network, brainstorm and share our vision for the future of […]

Date Night Anyone?

wine walk

Do you love Valentine’s Day? Or, do you hate it? Do you spend it as a couple or with the family? Either way, there are some fun things to do around town during the coming Valentine’s week. These happen to be Caitlin’s top picks for a night out on the town! In Glendora… Two a […]

Ringing in the New Year with Banned Books


I’m pretty psyched about 2016! We’ve got BIG plans for this year…some plans I can’t write about yet, but others I can! After a comprehensive, two-day retreat with my management team (yes…we actually have one of those), we came up with some “Wildly Important Goals” to focus on in the new year that will not […]

Claw Foot Buffet

Buffet, Giant-282

This is the first piece of furniture that we have tackled from our Farmhouse Salvage Project. In reality, this piece was just too big to move into storage. If had gone in the storage unit, it would’ve stayed in the storage unit for who knows how long. It took six of us to move it […]