For textured, artisanal finishes, you’ll want to pick up one of Annie Sloan’s natural bristle paint brushes.

Available in three sizes, it is a painters must have for projects that you want to finish quickly and with the least amount of paint. Applying it should be in a more hap-hazard approach, cross hatching your brushing pattern to create varied layers and textures of paint. It’s a quick and simple approach that has a much more artistic flair in its application as opposed to a manufactured quality. Most colors will take two coats of paint and you want to LOAD your brush with paint (like you see in the picture) and use the tips (JUST THE TIPS) to move the paint across your piece. You don’t want to push too hard or over paint by going back and forth across already applied paint.

For a smoother, more tailored paint finish, you’ll want to pick up one of Annie Sloan’s synthetic fiber brushes with the blue bristles.

Available in two sizes, I love the smallest of the two and use it on virtually all of my projects. The flat top is perfect for getting into tight corners or focusing paint along straight edges and in between cabinet doors. The bristles on the brush are cut evenly across the top and consist of a super soft, synthetic material. The result is an even application of paint in a smaller quantity than the natural bristle brush. The paint levels more effectively as you apply it giving the final finish a much flatter look. It’s perfect if you want to minimize brush strokes or create a more modern finish.

For applying a protective wax top coat, you definitely want to use one of the two Annie Sloan wax brushes.

Available in two sizes, small and large, the handles are shaped differently and the brushes are built with a different shape. I usually recommend that you purchase the brush that is the most comfortable to hold. The domed shape with the pointed tip makes for easy wax application when you need to get into tight corners or extensive detail on wood pieces. The tapered bristle length allows you to maximize brush surface area and apply a lot of wax at a time.  I find the large and small to work equally well for a variety of projects in different sizes.

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