A key component to making a house feel like a home is outfitting it with decor that showcases your personality and style. Luckily, even if you’re working on a tight budget, there’s still plenty of ways you can create a warm and inviting home that makes you and your guests feel welcomed. We reached out to design experts from Glendora, CA, all the way to Toronto, ON and rounded up their best tips and tricks for decorating on a dime to elevate your space. Here are 15 money-saving decor ideas to outfit your space for less.

1) Start with a complete “room refresh”

Take everything off the walls, move all of your decor and small pieces to a different room, and start from scratch with the staples (i.e., bed, sofa, etc.). Arrange your furniture differently if the space allows, and start introducing your smaller pieces one at a time, borrowing from other rooms if necessary. Bring in lamps and plants, rearrange the wall decor and thin out the clutter. Often, that’s all a space needs to feel fresh and inviting without costing more than an afternoon. Plus, it has the added benefit of allowing for a deep clean in those hard-to-reach corners. –Knot Too Shabby

2) Before you go to the store, be sure to shop your own home first

Whenever you want to give your home a little refresh, try rearranging items you already have in your home. You’ll be amazed how different something can look when you use it in a new space or a new way. Repurpose a storage basket into a container for a potted plant, top pillar candlesticks with boxwood orbs, or use a cake pedestal as part of a seasonal vignette. You may still want to buy one or two pieces to complete a new look, but this way, you’re not starting from scratch. –Simply 2 Moms

3) Repurpose items you already have when decorating on a dime

Repurpose old vases or pots by using them as storage containers. Make them into a pencil cup in a home office, a home for make-up brushes in the bathroom, or a utensil holder in the kitchen. Take it one step further by embellishing the pots with paint, patterns, or other craft items. –Sullivans Home Decor

4) Incorporate throw pillows for a cozy touch

Pillows are one of the quickest and most economical ways to change the look and feel of a room. Choose neutrals for your large pieces of furniture like couches, chairs, and beds. Then give your room life by layering with your pillows and textiles of your choice. You can take your room from boring to modern, bohemian, or earthy, quickly and inexpensively. –One Fine Nest

5) Go bold with a pop of color or a pattern on your walls

Instantly add a pop of pattern and color to your space with peel and stick removable wallpaper. Peel and stick wallpaper  is cheaper than traditional wallcoverings, safe for your walls, and completely removable, which is an excellent option if you’re renting a home and can’t permanently update your walls. –Astek Home

6) Give your home textiles an upgrade

A quick, low-cost, and straightforward trick to freshen your space when decorating on a dime is to update your home textiles.  A fresh pop of color in the living room with new soft throw pillows and a coordinating cozy throw blanket can do wonders for the eye, plus make a comfortable new space for you to use each day. In the bedroom, crisp new bedding can update a space in minutes (plus, it feels so good when retiring for the night). Fresh towels in a single color do wonders to improve harmony in your linen closet and bathroom (and laundry area). The current trend in home textiles is un-fussy, textural, and harmonious. You want to love what you see, feel, and interact with. –American Blanket

7) Add in pops of color into your decor

Don’t be afraid to try out something bright and inviting that may be out of your comfort zone, whether it be a vibrant throw blanket or pillow cover to complete your room décor. Finding a piece of furniture in your room that catches your attention can help base the color scheme of the bedding style you are looking for. –DaDalogy Bedding

8) Choose long-lasting decor pieces

When revitalizing an interior, opt for durable natural fibers, like baby alpaca wool, which lasts for years without showing wear while also adding warmth, softness, and texture. Sustainable Alpaca throw blankets and pillows in natural colors are the epitome of Japandi style to showcase rustic minimalism; however, they can also be sourced in bright dyed hues or patterns to add interest to a space. Alpaca throws naturally amps up the tactile factor for relaxation in every season without breaking the bank. –Sun Valley Alpaca Co.

9) Go with the throw

A throw blanket is a simple way to add color, character, and comfort to any living space. Whether the style is fleece, cashmere, or even a sweatshirt blanket, a throw draped over the arm of a couch or back of a chair gives a room a personal touch as well as a cozy accessory for you and your guests. –Cozy Coverz

10) Liven up your space with handmade pottery

Adding some handmade pottery can add to the feeling or even create a focal point for a room. With so many independent potters and ceramic artists out there, you can find a unique style and perfect price point to match any budget. –Expert Clay

11) Add interest with contrasting textiles

Update any space in a moment with a contrasting throw blanket. Choose a bold contemporary color that will draw the eye. Don’t be tempted with a thin fabric; instead, bring luxury and texture to the room with a quality piece in a natural fiber like mohair or alpaca. –Mohairs & More

12) Spend wisely when going the DIY route

If you’re going the DIY route to revamp your drapery, don’t break the bank on huge fabric overhauls. We’ve noticed many of our customers switching to “order by the yard” trims for smaller projects, like redoing a pillow or curtains, rather than buying in bulk for huge projects. To help with this, we’ve pivoted to selling more of our trims in smaller amounts. Determine the scope of your project before purchasing huge quantities in one go. Often, it’s the small touches that make a big difference. –Dove Originals Trims

13) Brighten up your space with ample lighting

Don’t underestimate the importance of lighting in your home decor. An inexpensive, simple-to-install, battery-powered spotlight can quickly change a flower arrangement or sculpture into the most dramatic element in any room when decorating on a dime. –Pedestal Source

14) Shop smart: determine which items are worth the splurge

Save where and when you can: quality hand-me-down furniture can always be repurposed with a fresh coat of inexpensive paint, stain, or new hardware. Invest where and when you can: items like handmade, one-of-a-kind artwork or ceramic art. These items can accrue in value and are often sentimental investment purchases that can become heirloom pieces. –Curry Wilkinson Pottery

15) Dress up your walls with a bold accent piece

Try using rolls of wallpaper rather than murals and consider focusing on an accent wall to enhance the atmosphere of an otherwise ordinary space when decorating on a dime. A unique wallpaper design often resembles a work of art and will become the focal point of your room. Another way to add personality to your home is to cover the back wall of shelves or bookcases with wallpaper that stands out from the rest of its surroundings. This technique can add depth and spaciousness to your favorite room and will draw attention to the items you showcase there. –NewWall