A conversation with Sammi….two weeks ago:

Sammi: Mommy, I don’t like this anymore. Will you sell it? (In regard to a pillow critter that was on her bed)
Me: “No. That was a gift. I’m not going to sell it….yet.”

A “conversation” on the “phone” between Sammi and her “customer:”

Sammi: “Uh…yeah…It’s still for sale.” [pause] “I’ll give you the address when you’re on your way.” [pause] “Scottdale, like the two mans names.”

A conversation with Sammi today in regard to our painting project for the afternoon:
Sammi: “When we’re all done painting this, are you gonna sell it.”
Me: “No…not this one. This is for Molly’s bedroom.”
…and a little bit later in the conversation when Sammi started painting one of my chairs…
Me: “Since you’re helping me paint that chair, should I give you some of the money when I sell it?”
Sammi: “No. I don’t want any money. I already have some in my piggy bank.”
Me: “Hmmm…must be nice.”
There’s a Story Behind Virtually Everything that gets Sold
Mr. Beer Home Brewery System
Paid $3 (Original asking price, $5)

Sold $10

Bought during a total “Anthony” moment. And to explain an “Anthony” moment, you have to understand who Anthony is. None other than my fellow mommy pickers husband, Anthony got completely fired up over my 4,000% mark-up on an item that sold within a week and he has been “mommy picking” ever since. So, you could say that I am a person of great influence in his life…perhaps, a mentor…an inspiration! However, Anthony is notorious for picking the most random things and he doesn’t negotiate the price thereby cutting into his overall profits. I have to hand it to him, though…the things he always picks end up selling. 
So Mr. Beer was my “Anthony” purchase. As soon as I got in the car, I was like “why did I just buy that?” But, thanks to some bored and crazy college guys who drove all the way out from West Hollywood to buy it, I sold it in one week for a measly profit of $7. Thank goodness that thing is out of my house!
Black Hope Chest/Toy Box
Paid $5 (Original asking price, $10) 
Sold $35
The cool thing about this sale was that the guy who ended up buying it lived right up the street from me. Random! 
Mommy Pickers Clients Who Made Bank this Week
The Bergere Chair
SOLD In under three weeks
Final selling price: $325
$225 MORE than the original asking price of $100 at the garage sale this Mommy Pickers client had a few weeks ago. She was able to off-load this bulky chair which she couldn’t move to her smaller house and had us sell it for her instead!  Patience (and a bit of trust, because she didn’t know us) ended up paying off! 

Antique Coffee Table
Final selling price: $65
$65 MORE than this client was going to get by donating it to the Goodwill. Instead, she tossed it our way thus, getting it out of her house and holding out for a bit of profit! We put a little TLC into it, re-stained it to the deep mahogany pictured and sold it through a pre-pay paypal deal this week! 
My Sisters Dishes
Sold for $45 (In less than one week)
The kicker, they were chipped, an incomplete set with only 2 dinner plates and a few saucers, plus casserole dishes. And, a complete 10-piece set of China Dishes that had faded gold trim. The funny thing is that Karen told me I could just keep the money. I don’t think she expected them to go for so much. For that matter, I didn’t either! Ha ha!