…I am being forced to spread the word that I am opening a store…hopefully, that is! My plan was to keep the store opening a secret until I knew for sure where and when it was going to happen, but political issues are forcing me to drum up support and statements to present to the Glendora City Council, who has recently put a moratorium in place on the opening of new businesses that deal with the re-sale of second hand goods (i.e. pawnships, thrift stores, antique dealers, etc.). In a nutshell, this is the issue:
  • The City of Glendora does not want pawnshops to open storefronts in Glendora due to the potential in crime (re-sale of stolen goods), the clientele that frequents pawn shops as well as the aesthetic appearance of pawnshops.
  • In order to prohibit such type of stores, a broad moratorium was established for all re-sale businesses…i.e. what I do!
At the Glendora City Council Meeting on Tuesday, May 24th at 7:00 pm, I will be attending the public hearing in an effort to persuade the City Council to repeal all or part of the moratorium so that I will be extended the opportunity to open a store in Downtown Glendora. (I already have a store front picked out, have signed a letter of intent to lease with the landlord and have improvement plans pending with a contractor!) I am asking that all of my fans and supporters please comment to my blog or on facebook with their opinions on this matter so that I can take it to the council meeting as evidence of opinions for or against this measure. My argument to the City Council will include:
  1. In an effort to prohibit thrift-like/pawnstores in Glendora (which I am not against, believe me…I mean, how many Goodwill Stores does this city need?), far more businesses that do not fit into that category but sell second-hand goods will be excluded from conducting business in Glendora thus taking tax dollars, consumers and unique products into other cities. 
  2. Let’s face it-“Going Green” is the thing to do! Politically and economically. The City just held it’s annual earth day festival in April to celebrate its green efforts-reduce, reuse, recycle! Uhhh….but we don’t support that in business, just theory. I mean, really…we want you to recycle but won’t support businesses who’s primary objective is to re-purpose and revitalize used (pre-owned) products and make them like new. Nope—residents, trash your old garbage, fill our landfills, go buy brand new products straight off the production lines…or, go buy your used goods in a different city!
  3. Does anyone know we are in a recession? My success with craigslist, I firmly believe is due in part to the fact that people just don’t have the disposable income that they did five years ago to go buy new! The alternative: used-like new…or just used. Better products at far more affordable prices. The perfect retail solution at a time when most retail stores are suffering and being forced to shut their doors.
  4. The snowball effect! If the City prohibits the start of new businesses that deal with second-hand products, it is impacting far more than just small business owners. Vacant store fronts will likely be vacant for longer because of a much more narrowly focused vision thus decreasing tax revenues to the City. Landlords who own those properties will suffer financially from the vacancies (as in the case with the store that I want to lease. It has been vacant for nearly six weeks as I jump through hoops and run circles around the red tape). Contractors and other vendors placed to prep stores will lose opportunities for additional work. Consumers have more limited shopping opportunities and will not visit the downtown district if stores are not open. And so on and so forth.
That about sums it up! Comment on your opinion…please, to me or directly to members of the Glendora City Council! Or, email me with questions or feedback at mitchyliz@yahoo.com or even call me (626) 733-6817. I can help clarify the issue if you have any questions. Thanks for your support and all of your reading!
For some VISUAL Interest-check out what I sold this week!

By now, you know that’s not what it looked like when I sold it. I forgot the “before” picture until I already started repairing this great, antique record cabinet. I had to re-build some major chunks out of the wood and sand it down before I could prime and paint it. This was my last big ticket item to sell from my yard sale extravaganza weekend in Morro Bay back in early April. 
The Final Product…
Sold for $165
To a Mom who was redoing her daughters room with fun and unique shabby chic furniture pieces. This was being re-purposed as a dresser with a TV on top. The cabinet that opened from the front as well as the top was the perfect compartment for her DVD player, movies and sound system. The PERFECT alternative to a NEW entertainment center. 
On a side note, I sold my GIGANTIC couch this weekend trying to raise money to open a store…ha ha (let’s hope I didn’t sell it in vain)! But, I was left with a challenge to re-furnish my 600 square foot family room without buying anything new and expensive. The result: Six new (but used) furniture pieces for under $75! Wait til you see the before and after pics! It was quite a transformation.