Completely FAKE!

I have yet to reach or come even close to surpassing my 4,000% profit margin with a FAKE diamond wedding ring set I got for $1 and sold for $40. But, this weekends 1,600% profit margin on a beautiful white Hutch wasn’t too shabby. 

You might remember this hutch. I got it about six weeks ago for $25 and had it posted on craigslist for $225. After storing it mom and dad’s house for a few weeks, I finally moved it home and stored it in my kitchen. It just so happened that I really liked the extra usable space of the hutch and thought that it looked great in the kitchen. So, I opted to keep it…well, that is, raise the price…a lot…so that it wouldn’t sell. That night, I re-posted it for $425. 

This week, though I received a call from an interested buyer and after four days of negotiating the price, I agreed to deliver the hutch to her in Granada Hills for $400. The only reason I was willing to deliver (in the pouring rain, by the way) was because it was on the way to my already scheduled weekend destination of Thousand Oaks.

White Wood Hutch
Paid $25 (Original asking price, $40)

Sold for $400

Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Financially Savvy Families
1950’s Retro Chairs
Paid $15 for set of 3 (Original asking price, $50….I’m serious…she went from $50 to $15 without batting an eye)
Sold for $65 for all 3 chairs
Battery Operated Race Car Track
Paid $5 (Original asking price, $10)

Sold for $40

Hard to believe Ebay Sales
Hand-me-down girls shoes

Not just handed down once, but handed down twice! Both pairs of these girls shoes sold for $4.99 with the added cost of shipping at $4.25. Had I not sold them on ebay, they would have been tossed out.

Mickey Mouse Tic Tac Toe Game

Paid $1 at a garage sale and bought six of them. I’ve sold three of them on ebay for anywhere between $5.00 and $7.50. Not a ton of money, but my $5 ebay profits are adding up to between $50 and $75 per week!