Okay…so a bit of an exaggeration. I don’t really know if I will be on the travel channel, but I was filmed for a Travel Channel Pilot program about pickers today while exploring the Monthly Flea Market at the Rose Bowl. I think I spent too much time joking about the fact that there was a camera man filming and a crew member with one of those fluffy microphones above my head as well as being over dramatic with the vendor I was bargaining with to actually make the final cut…but only time will tell. So keep your eyes out on travel channel for their new pickers show airing sometime next spring or summer!
Speaking of pickers…it’s official! My girlfriend and I are starting a biz to help our families, friends and any other clients rid their homes of clutter and make some extra cash. We call ourselves “Mommy PICKERS.” Check out our brochure.
Hot Items of the Week
Fisher Price Dollhouse and Accessories

About 2 or 3 months ago, I bought a large dollhouse that came with about 60 accessories…furniture, people, pets, car, etc. The girl selling it wanted $15 but reluctantly took $10 for all of it. It didn’t hurt that Sammi was with me playing with the house and dolls. So, I give her (Sammi) credit for helping me seal the deal. Anyway, I posted it on craigslist for $55, but it didn’t sell for weeks. Then, about 4 weeks ago I came across another Fisher Price dollhouse at a garage sale, but this one didn’t have any accessories.I managed to get it for $3 (Original asking price $5).

I ended up splitting up the toys between the two dollhouses and posting them both on craigslist for $40. I sold the first dollhouse with 30 of the accessories a little over a month ago for $40, and this week I sold the second dollhouse with the remaining 30 accessories for $40.

That was an $80 deal and total cash out of pocket was $13! 
Bamboo and Wicker 8-Drawer Dresser
Paid $3.33 (Original asking price $10)
Sold for $50 in 3 days
$3.33 you wonder…? I managed to get this dresser for a KILLER deal from a chronic garage saler that I always visit when she has her sales! In addition to the dresser, I bought a side table and a little tikes car and gas pump. I offered her $12 for all of it but she didn’t have change so gave it all to me for $10.
Within the first 48 hours of posting this dresser, I got about five calls, but a nice lady from Compton made the 1-hour drive, in traffic on a Tuesday morning to pick it up! 
Adirondack Chair
Paid $35 for this chair about 7 years ago at the Pasadena Flea Market…so it doesn’t count.
Sold for $35
I replaced this patio chair that I have had on my front porch for about 5 years with a cute yard sale find from a few weeks ago that I paid only $2.50 for.
So, I figure it was a $32.50 profit. 
Oh yeah…remember that vintage looking owl lamp that I got for free with a table and chairs set? It closed on ebay last week at $13.50 with $15.00 shipping. Not too shabby for something I didn’t want and ended up getting for free.