…because no matter how dinged up, scratched or marked up it is, you can almost always fix the damage with a little sand paper and a few coats of paint. For example, this rather unique side table or nightstand that I found this week. I actually watched one of my parents neighbors walk this out to their trash so I took a deep breath, looked around and rolled down the car window to ask if I could have it. He said yes! And I got a FREE, very old and totally battered table that was covered in Sleeping Beauty stickers (Samantha’s favorite thing about the table) and had pieces of the table top chipped away and broken. 
pieces of the wood framing broken off and stickers everywhere!
So, we had a mommy-daughter “painting date,” and I let Sammi help me retrofit this table. The result…
The table itself is actually hollow and has two hidden doors in the front for loads of storage. Very cool!
Weekly Highlights
After what was proving to be a slow January, this week made up for it with 14 total sales, six of which were completed on Monday, alone! Some of the best bargains…
Large Indoor Playhouse
Paid $12 (Original asking price, $16)
Sold for $45
Poor girls…they were so sad.
Little Tikes Car and Gas Station
Paid $3.33 (Original asking price, $6)
Sold for $15
Sold to a lady who ran a daycare and bought a bag full of other random baby toys that I had laying around. In total, she paid $27 for the bag of toys and Little Tikes Car. 
Casio 5-Octave Keyboard
Paid $5 (Original asking price, $10)
Sold for $35
I sold this keyboard no fewer than five times to individuals “on their way” who would never show up. This keyboard is the reason I quit giving my address to potential buyers until they arrived to my street. 
Antique Tool Box
Paid $.50
Sold for $10
In addition to the tool box, I also sold an antique stool for $10 that I paid $1 for and an early American wood chair that I got for free at a garage sale. In total, he bought $30 worth of stuff!
White Washed Chair 
Paid $1
Sold for $20
One less seat to sit on at the Blue Chair because I’ve been storing it there for the past four plus weeks!