This large set was imposing because the only place I had to store it was in the middle of my living room. Little girls bumped their little heads on this table no fewer than half a dozen times in the last three weeks that it has been in the house. But, the annoyance of having it around was worth it after this week.
7-Piece Formal Dining Room Table Set
Paid $75 (Original asking price, $100)
Sold for $320
White-Washed China Cabinet Buffet
Paid $15 (Original asking price, $25)
Sold $350
Posted for nearly three whole months, but a great fixture in my kitchen. I wasn’t in a hurry to see this one go.

Antique Shabby Chic Secretary and Chairs
Paid $12 (Original asking price, $15)
Sold $165
Chairs sold to the same buyer for $75. Both purchases were a 50/50 split to Blue Chair for letting me store them there.
Little Tikes Play Center
Paid $5
Sold for $50
I wasn’t in a hurry to see this go either, because kids still enjoy playing on it. But, even Molly has outgrown the teeny tiny slide, so I held out for the $50 I wanted to get for it. And, it was only posted for 8 days. 
Full Size Upholstered Bed Frame
Paid $4
Sold for $70
I got this bed frame and 3 other pieces of furniture as a package deal for $15 at a yard sale. That was the deal of the day for sure! 
Scotts Speedy Seeder 3000
Paid $3 (Original asking price, $5)
Sold for $20
Random, huh!?
Ghetto Speakers
Sold for $10
These speakers are the same wattage of little computer speakers, but even at nearly 3 feet tall, they sold…to a guy of course. I got them for free from a guy who was practically begging me to take his yard sale leftovers so that he didn’t have to go to the Goodwill. I never thought these would actually sell. 
Project of the Week…or last Two Weeks I should say…
Solid Cedar Wood Dresser in its Original Form (Sideways)
Paid $30
  Sanding…a lot of Sanding…a lot more Sanding
The reason I stay away from re-staining wood pieces! Much too time consuming and detailed. It won’t stain properly if it isn’t completely sanded.
Completely Sanded (except the two edge pieces).
I was aiming to match the existing stain so that I could keep the sections that didn’t need to be stripped as is. 
Partially Stained…a little darker than planned
 The Finished Product!
What Makes this Such a Unique Piece-Built in Dividers and Jewelry Tray