Well, sort of. That is probably a bit of an exaggeration! But, I am looking at it as “the glass half full.” Anyway, hot off the presses and hitting mail boxes this week was the Spring Edition of CLU Magazine where I was extremely lucky to be among four alumni featured in an article entitled Embracing Change. In the article, I got to share my story of making the life-altering decision of leaving a well-paying job to venture out into what was a blossoming, but free-lance marketing career (thanks to my lady friends and mentors at The Spectrum Services Group) and stay home with the kidlets-or single kidlet at the time. But, life got in the way of marketing plus the overbearing recession led me to something surprisingly new. Click here to read the short article about how I got started with the Mommy Pickers gig! Thanks Cal LU for sharing the story! 

A Busy Weekend Leads to a Profitable Week
Stuffed to the max
We rung in the spring break holiday with a trip up north, which coincidentally happened to be the weekend of the city wide Morro Bay Yard Sale! I was sooo there, in my teeny tiny Honda CRV with barely enough room for any furniture. But, I managed (I almost had to kick out dear Auntie Pattie and Mom just to fit stuff in the car), and thanks to my fantastic Uncle who carted all of my awesome finds home, after two days of yard saling I found oodels of treasures and unfortunately, a lot of projects, too. 
I LOVE Chairs! Can’t get enough of them. And, I nabbed this one and another similar one for $5 each. I painted one of them white one and shabby chic’d it and got a yard of charming and whimsical Beatrix Potter fabric to reupholster the seats, seeing as how they were going to be stored at Blue Chair Children’s Bookstore
Sold $70 for the set of 2
Paid $10 + $10 for fabric (Original asking price, $20)

Solid Wood Bookcase
Sold $15 Paid $2
The great story about this one is that I bought it at a yard sale in San Luis Obispo, wasn’t sure how to get it home so decided to try and sell it up there while we were vacationing. And, I DID! I made a good profit and got rid of it in less than 24 hours. That picture was taken at the actual yard sale! I got a call for it before we even got it back to the house. I felt just a teensy bit bad for the guy who was selling it for so cheap at his house when I turned around and sold it for 7x more while his yard sale was going on. 
Shabby Chic Nightstand
Sold $50 Paid $5  
Pictured without drawers…duh!
Unique Desk Armoire  
Sold $60 Paid $15 (Original asking price, $25)

Check out all of our great stuff, just type mommy pickers in the craigslist search engine to see the awesome stuff we are selling for people! 
16 x 6 Hubcap for Chevy or Ford Pick Up Trucks
Brand New and in Original Packaging
$500 for set of 4
Large, Luxury Ceiling Fans
$85 (2 available)

Spring is here and so is yard sale season! But, before you plan your next yard sale, think about how much you can get for stuff on craigslist!!! Call me if you want some suggestions on how to bring about successful sales!