I have renewed my interest in spray paint over the past few weeks. And, despite the exorbitant cost (about $4.00 per 12 oz. can), I’m finding that I can quickly and efficiently finish projects in far less time with much more creativity. After a year of painting furniture white and black, I’m craving some color in my life! Home Depot is loving me right now because I’m in the store weekly perusing the awesome pallet of colorful spray paint and thinking, “what can I paint lime green?” 
The answer to that question…
…that desk top organizer or…
this totally cool and retro (metal) chair!
Sadly, my cell phone was stolen last week (at Home Depot…go figure) so I lost a fair number of my weekly sale pics. So, a few sales of the week and one awesome project to feature.
Mommy Pickers Transactions and New Biz!!!
Perfect Dresser! 
Sold for $65 for my next door neighbor.
This was just one of three items that I sold for her in less than a month which also included a mahogany day bed and pool table! The goal was to get it all sold before her scheduled garage sale last week! SUCCESS and nearly $300 profit!
Walnut Antique Curio Cabinet
Sold for $75
A screamin’ deal for the buyer, except for the fact that the glass on the right door was cracked and needed to be replaced. Unfortunately, the cost for replacement glass will be over $200 because it is curved! But, this cabinet would likely retail for well over $400 in an antique store. 
Games, Toys and Stuffed Animals…Oh MY!
And lots of them! If you need a new game, toy or stuffed animal for a present, hit me up for a deal on some new merchandise well below retail value. Included are webkins and webkins clothes ($4 each), brand new board games ($10-$15) and family games and some other odd assortment of gifts.
A $20 Hutch and 2-Hour Make-over
Come Wednesday and Thursday every week, I start looking at what is left of my pile of projects and anxiously work to get them completed before I off-load another weeks worth of work. This week, I saved the best for last! An antique hutch that I got for $20 after negotiating the price down from $80! 
In its original state, the varnish was flaking off of the entire piece and the two shelves inside were missing. Thanks to my awesome Handy Husband (not my husband but my contractor neighbor who has all kinds of construction scraps and equipment…oh yeah…the name of his business is The Handy Husband), I was able to get two shelves made out of some scrap wood lying around.
It took me about 45 minutes to completely sand it down to the raw wood and I spray painted two primer coats saving me about 1-2 hours of time that brush painting would have taken. I also spray painted the shelves and inside rather than brush painting so that the hard to reach corners would cover better and quicker. Finally, when the paint dried I brushed a single coat of paint over the entire piece, sanded the edges for the shabby chic look and….
…for $20, the cost of paint and an evening of labor I have my replacement kitchen piece for the wall of revolving furniture! This will more than likely take 3-4 months to sell at the posted price, but I’m in no hurry to move it out. 
In total, I refinished about a dozen items this week both small and large. Far too many to blog about. But, for daily pics of some of the before and after projects, “like” Mommy Pickers on facebook.
And, keep an eye for even more blog postings as fellow mommy picker, miss Sarah Quintero writes about some of her stellar sales and awesome finds!
Until next week…:)