If you have kids, you will be able to relate! They (meaning the kids) come home from school, church, play dates, friends houses, etc. bearing gifts of art and other hand made creations. They get thrown onto the refrigerator until there is no room left and then mom (maybe dad) throws them out (unless you are the hoarder sort and will keep them FOREVER to re-gift when the kids are like 30). The problem is, it is often times heart-wrenching to toss these keep sakes that symbolize this moment in time.
So, in the midst of the furniture chaos of my backyard and now front driveway, I decided to take a break from store prep and fix up a recent pick just for me. In fact, other than a few items in my house from before my “picking” days, I have very little of my own work. My goal with this particular piece was to capture a bit of my life right now…my kids…pictures…projects, etc…aka, “this moment in time.” I have a lot of big things going on and I feel like time will fly by and (hopefully) in 3, 5, 10 years down the road I’ll look back at my store and say…”I remember when this all started…you (children) were so itty bitty.”
I picked out an old desk from the pile that I wouldn’t be able to sell because it was cracked down the middle. No big deal, though. It didn’t really bother me.
Nothing special, but great functionality. I am going to need a place to stash office supplies and important receipts, accounting stuff, etc. I wasn’t sure what color to go with, so I drew from one of my projects from earlier in the day. I repainted a side table with a home made paint mix this morning.
I needed to get my paint to match that enormous knob. Anyway, I had some of the aqua color left over, but not enough for any one project, so I decided to use the rest of the aqua with a little bit of sage green left over from a dresser I painted today. 
This was the result…
Yet, another shade of sea foam green. I like it well enough. I painted the entire exterior of the desk this color with barely enough paint. And, the icing on the cake…I had both my girls imprint their hands and feet on the top of the desk. 
The drawers, I painted white since I’m really into that two-tone look right now. I lightly distressed the drawers and added a heavier distressing to the desk. I decided to keep the original hardware, which I think add so much character.
Then, in the drawers, I modge-podged mementos of significant things going on right now. The store logo, pictures of the girls and eventually some added artwork from the kids. I like the idea that I won’t see that every day amidst the junk that will be stored in the drawers, but every once in awhile, I’m gonna have to clean and organize. And when I do, I’ll pause momentarily to remember. 
Geez…I’m feeling a bit sappy right now. Let me snap out of that. 
Here is a pic of what the store looks like today!
Fresh paint on the walls, baseboards painted and ready for installation and next on the list…the floor. Take a good look because the floor in the store is going to be a masterpiece! I can’t wait for the transformation! 😉