Ten new pieces of furniture out today and 36 total chairs, ready for custom work! Plus…

…new stuff coming out after 2:00 pm today because stacked against the south wall of the store is the BEAUTIFUL dining room set ready for pick-up. The whole set sold last week in just two days!

I picked up my first fall leaf this week! It seemed appropriate that the leaves should start changing colors with school starting this past Tuesday. I was feeling inspired by the colors of fall…burnt orange, golden yellows and deep reds! So, keep your eyes out for some more fall inspired colors on the furniture starting with red this week!
Look at that cute secretary! It is so cheery and unique. A friendly community resident passed on to us for free!
An unfinished desk with a built-in bookshelf ready for a custom refurbishment. That octagon shaped side table on top is new, too.
Gorgeous and sophisticated writing desk. My mom and dad came across this while I was on vacation and brought it to the store for me to work on.
A coordinating nightstand for the shabby chic dresser. It’s a bit shocking but a fun piece…especially for a girl who has outgrown pink! This piece was given to me as well and sold while I was writing this post.
One of my favorites this week…the red school desk with built-in bookshelfs on both sides. I haven’t decided yet, but I think I may make the top of the desk a chalkboard. We’ll see what people think of it first.
Pieces available for custom work: Small bookshelf, stool, bench off to the side and a retro/vintage Singer sewing machine back there.
And, a little something for myself.

An awesome French style cane back chair I’m fixing up to keep. Stripped down, de-upholstered, painted and in need of some heavy distressing, antique glazing and new upholstery. I can’t wait for this reveal!

Lastly, something for someone else…

This adorable desk (which was given to me) was selected from my stock of unfinished pieces to be completed as a custom project. The only instructions were to put green and pink everywhere. I opted for more subtlety with this one and added splashes of green on the top to peek through the white, put green on the trim and pink hardware. I hope they like how it came out. I could’ve sold it multiple times in the day that it was hanging out in the store.

Don’t forget about Flashback tomorrow night! Did you know it is a fundraiser?