One of the most challenging parts of opening a store has been the lack of “kid appropriate” space for my oldest to help me with projects! One of my most successful behavior modification strategies was rewarding Sammi’s good behavior with a piece of furniture to paint. Splattering paint all over the driveway at home was one thing, but doing it in the store…not gonna work! So, while we are in the store, I let her help me with decopauging projects.

My guest blogger for today: Meet Samantha

In the words of a 4 1/2 year old: a decopauge tutorial!

What did we decopauge today?
Sammi: A table

What do you use to decopauge?
Sammi: Modge Podge

What is Modge Podge?
Sammi: Glue

What did we do with the Modge Podge?
Sammi: Dumped it on the table.

Then what?
Sammi: Spread it all over.

What did we do after we spread it?
Sammi: Put the paper on it.

What kind of paper did we use?
Sammi: From a book.

What did we do after we put the paper on it?
Sammi: Waited for it to dry, then cut the parts off the edges.

You can check out Sammi’s decopauged side table at this week’s Furniture Friday!
100% of the profit from this table will go into her college savings account!