A couple of months ago, I was on the hunt for a birdhouse. I just think they are cool looking…particularly the vintage birdhouses that are all rusted and chipped. Today, I have four of them! Seek and ye shall find…right?

I got this birdhouse a little over a month ago in an antique store up north. I love the shape, the rusy wired look and I have it sitting on a cake platter so that it is raised up!

This heart shaped birdhouse hangs on a floor stand and is perfect for hanging the trendy feather earrings. In its original state, this birdhouse was green and brown with a huge bouquet of fake flowers on the top. I took those off and sprayed it white and added some distressing so that appeared more aged than it actually is.

This darling wooden birdhouse is new to the store this week! It’s a great accessory for any room in the house and can be filled with all kinds of goodies! After all, who needs a birdhouse for a bird?

Finally, the mother load of all  birdhouses!

I guarantee you will never see a birdhouse like this one anywhere else! This birdhouse was hand made out of re-purposed materials! The top is fashioned from a deconstructed lamp, the frame of the base and house is made from decorative picture frames, the pillars on the side of the house is made out of old chairs and the wood is old barn wood. Plus, take a gander at the gorgeous crystal door knob. This is for outdoors or indoors! There are no two birdhouses identical.

The same craftsman who constructed this birdhouse also makes these beautiful crosses.

There is a beautiful story with these crosses, so you’ll have to stop by to read them and be moved by its creation!

On a final note, I haven’t taken any store shots in a long time so I thought I would leave you a picture of the store from the front door. For the first time since I’ve been open, I love how it looks from front to back, with my grand armoire serving as the focal point from the very front.

Happy Weekend All!