I like to think that I started the “using windows as decoration” trend. Okay…I know I didn’t start that trend. BUT, I have been decorating with old windows for over ten years! In fact, the first time I ever saw a window used for decoration was in college at my boss’s house. His wife had a fabulous eye for re-purposing and she had a simple window filled with dried flowers hanging in her dining room. From then on, I was hooked!

Me and my frugal self (even back then) went “hmph…I could totally do that myself.” So, the next second Sunday of the month, my trusty flea market buddy and I headed down to the Rose Bowl on a mission. Armed with small bills, I negotiated my stack of old windows down to $5 each.

This is what I got:

I filled this window pane with my dried flowers. The bottom portion are the flowers from my wedding, the very top portion are the dried flowers from my sisters wedding (just this past January), and all the flowers in between are from the bouquets of the weddings I have been in.

I know what you’re thinking! Wow, I’m soooo popular! Ha ha….okay…it’s not that big of a window pane and it took me nearly ten years to fill it! I love it though!

Other ways I like to use my windows…

Over my mantle. This one looks especially great at Christmas with the lights and wreath hanging in it.

In my new guest bedroom (I’ll be blogging about this room transformation as soon as it is picture perfect).

I looooove this window! Refinished and hanging as a window into the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse at Blue Chair. (I didn’t do this window but just love how it came out).

And, these are just too yummy for words. I nabbed this picture off of my windows, shutters and doors pinboard on pinterest

Finally, if you’ve been in the store, you have seen my collage of windows behind the cash register.

Have you decorated with windows? Any new and creative ideas for how to use them!