Have you ever seen the great origami pieces I have for sale in the store?

I don’t make them. I have no patience for that kind of craftiness. The person who does make them (Dave) is one of the craftiest people I know! He is also a fabulous piano player and my holiday store decorator! When he told me one day that it would be fun to play piano for the holiday stroll, my response was, “are you kidding? Because you know I can find a piano for you to play!” Dave kind-of smirked, “ha ha…ok…sure…we’ll see about that.”

Well…I found a piano! It’s ironic, though. I got her on craigslist. You see, I have sold over 1,000 pieces of furniture and other oddities on craigslist in the past two years. This, however is the first thing I have ever bought on craigslist! EVER!

This piano playing proposition, however is going to be expensive. The piano itself was $80 (I could’ve vied for a free one in Beaumont, or Irvine, or Simi Valley…but it was easier to spend the $80 and have it right down the road in Duarte). Moving it would be around $100 and tuning it is about $100. Plus, I plan on fully renovating the way this looks. So, take into account time and supplies in the total cost. Yikes. What did I get myself into.

Enter D & J Piano Movers. This is the best in-town piano moving company around. Having a piano of my own, they have moved our personal piano at least four times over the course of my marriage. I asked if they would be willing to donate their moving services in exchange for a whole bunch of free advertising! And, since they only had to go about 8 miles to pick it up, they happily agreed.

D & J coordinated the move with the seller and brought it directly to the store!

We didn’t have to do a bit of heavy lifting! I even gave one of the guys a free onesie for his new 4-month old baby! 

I’m excited about this piano because it is perfectly plain and simple allowing me endless opportunities for creativity.

A few sticky keys, but nothing a piano tuner can’t fix.

Great, simple shape to the legs.

“Material and Workmanship Guaranteed”

I don’t think the maker of this piano foresaw this being one heck of a painting project.

So there you have it. Check back to see how this piano looks when I get my hands on it with a paint brush! Red? Black? White? Teal? Green? So many color options to choose from! Any suggestions?