In 100 years, what will people cherish from our lifetime? Anything? It’s hard to imagine that anything I have would be considered valuable in the next century…except for the old, old stuff…like early 1900’s old. Perhaps my full set of hardback Harry Potter books? Maybe my Bible? Musical instruments for sure (did you know I used to play oboe…well enough to work my way through college playing it). Beyond that, though I don’t see much else being handed down from my generation. Everything is digital and evolving much too quickly.

I say all that because my heart went pitter patter when my mom texted me a picture of an old typewriter last weekend. “Do you want this,” she writes. Yes, of course!

This is a Remington Standard. When I researched this particular model, everything I read indicated that this typewriter was made between 1905 and 1910. It’s over 100 years old, passed on decade after decade!!!

On ebay, there were only six similar tyepwriters posted, the most expensive one listed for over $600! WHOA!

This one is for sale in the store for a very sell-able $165. That is, unless I find the perfect place at home to keep it for myself! 🙂
I also have a few new pieces of furniture for this week’s Furniture Friday!

A cute little side table with very neutral colored rose paintings.

Then, there’s this great solid wood teal side table. Shabby chic and distressed, single drawer and two shelves. Completely versatile! Perfect as a nightstand, side table, bathroom console or entry table!

Finally, I have some new Christmas ornaments in stock made by our bottle cap queen, Sew Savvy by Brandy.

They are sooooo cute. Vintage Christmas images on her signature bottle cap collection with a sparkly snowflake and gold twisted hanger. And the best part…they are ONLY $2!

So, stock up on your last minute office gifts, cuz these are PERFECT!

We will see you around! Happy Shopping! 🙂