I Loooooove to give presents! I love the thrill of finding the perfect gift for someone and anticipating their reaction. However, I HATE shopping…which makes the whole gift giving thing a bit of a challenge.

I can’t stand going to malls. I don’t like the way they smell, I can’t stand the noise…I hate how the stores so perfectly “package” their products that you I lust after something that an hour earlier you I didn’t even know existed.

Oh…and Best Buy. When you walk into the store, you start looking for the fast pass ticket distribution just so that you don’t have to wait in a line that wraps around one third of the store…oh yeah, they don’t have a fast pass ticket. You have to wait in that line, and walk past display after display of gidgats and gadgets that gleam with appeal, be it bubble gum, DVD’s or electronic accessories.

And, don’t get me started about Target. The minute I walk through those doors, my brain immediately turns to mush and my sense of purpose completely dissolves. My kids suddenly “need” clothes and shoes that they don’t have room for in their dressers and closets. Plus, I didn’t realize that I needed a full bedroom and bathroom makeover until I walked down the bedding aisle. And the kicker…when I leave the store, I forgot to get what I went to buy!!!

All that shopping, looking for parking spots and waiting in long lines to find a hum drum sweater for dad, a book for mom and some stacks of DVD’s. BORING!!!

We have some super cool, one of a kind gift giving ideas…knot too shabby style! These are things you won’t find ANYWHERE else. Believe me, we’ve looked…ebay, etsy, amazon! No long lines here, reasonably easy parking and great customer service!

The bug killer no mid century garden should be without! No longer manufactured by the Black Flag pest control tool company, this sprayer hearkens back to a time when keeping your home vermin-free meant getting your hands dirty.

This pesticide atomizer has a rare, distinct green and black metal tube attached to a crystal-clear glass bottle that can be unscrewed and refilled with the insecticide of your choice. This collectible has not been tested for use by mad scientists, or against zombies.

Vintage simplicity for old-fashioned home cooking. This Pelouze scale is for a chef who’s tired of complicated digital kitchen appliances and wants a durable, dependable scale with a clean, classic style.

Add retro style to your next music session! This wooden metronome is still in fantastic working condition. With a few scrapes and small bits of peeling varnish, this timekeeper’s not afraid to show its character from years of jam sessions—and you don’t have to be afraid to put it to good use.

So, are you ready to let this spunky Metronoma brand metronome inspire you on your way to musical mastery, yet?

This decoration is fantastic for a road trip buddy, geography teacher, or eco-minded family member with a desire for classy, up cycled decorations.

Finally, my favorite gift in the store hearkens back to 1930 and is a RARE, autographed book.

Titled, The Education of a Princess, the autobiography is about the Grand Duchess of Russia. This truly remarkable find is autographed by the Grand Duchess Marie herself. And, the icing on the cake were the hidden newspaper articles dated back to 1931, safely tucked within the pages of this book. They had been stashed there for so long, the pages are actually yellowed from the imprint!

Move aside Mr. Kindle and Mr. Nook because this is a must have for the avid book collector, complete with vintage charm and character!

There are a lot of other pieces of randomness that could make for some great one of a kind gifts! Burlap pennant banners, paper wreaths, Christmas ornaments, etc. So, don’t forget about us and the other great downtown boutiques when you finish up your Christmas shopping! 

Gift wrapping included!