Today is my 10 year anniversary!

That’s us! 10 Years Ago!

I actually had to take a picture of a picture because when we got married, there was no such thing as digital photos. We paid for actual pictures in an album and got 35 mm proofs. sigh How things have changed!

Anyway, my parents watched our girls for the weekend so we have an entire weekend to do whatever!

Naturally, I was itchin’ for a weekend of yard sales. It’s been over three weeks since I’ve hit the streets for some goodies, so in my sweetest voice, I batted my eyes…”Pleeeeeaaasssse, can we get up and go yard saling in the morning?” Which, of course we did.

Some weeks I have great luck finding furniture for the store, and others not so much. This weekend seemed to be one for the kids (ironic since they aren’t even home for the weekend).

A fun teeter totter that I got for $30. I’m sure one of them will get hurt playing on this.

A Fisher Price play kitchen that I will sell from home.

Floaties for the swimming pool. I got all three of them for $5! Score!!!

A Cozy Coupe. I already have one at home so will sell this one on craigslist.

I also picked up three of these storage containers. I got all of them for $10! They are perfect for my decopauging materials, tools in the garage…whatever. 

And, lest I leave out all of my hubbies finds…he picked up 40 books to add to his classroom library (complete with the AR reading level and stickers) and about five board games/puzzles for a whopping $6!

I jokingly asked him if he got a receipt to be reimbursed.

All this to say, I love the thrill of the hunt; never knowing how it’s going to pan out by the end of the day and the exhilaration that comes from finding some hot deals on totally functional items!

What’s the best thing you’ve ever found at a yard sale?