About a week ago, I had mentioned that we were approaching some major and exciting changes within the business. The first big announcement is our acceptance to be a retailer to the newest line of milk paint, Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint! I’m going to have so much more to write about in regard to milk paint as we move closer to getting our first shipment.

The second big announcement is that we are moving locations, for no other reason due to space constraints in our current store. Timing and opportunity worked to our benefit in signing a lease for the store front directly across the street at 177 N. Glendora Ave.

Our big move, though exciting in the opportunity that it will offer, drums up a lot of sad emotions. You see, we aren’t just moving to any store. We’re moving into Blue Chair Children’s Bookstore.

A place my girls have been able to call a second home and have grown up since they were infants.

A place kids from all over the community have listened to stories, played the drums, sung songs and read books…lots of books.

A place where little girls could escape into their fantasies and dine with Princesses!

A place for climbing adventures…

But most importantly, a place that is more than just a bookstore; where lasting friendships between toddlers and their mommies (and sometimes daddies) have been forged!

Throughout the month of July, Knot Too Shabby will be moving into Blue Chair as the books, toys, games and other activities slowly move out. The great news is, that although Blue Chair won’t be around in the way that we are all accustomed to seeing it, we will be hosting some of the much loved special events coordinated by Blue Chair. The first of which is a Strawberry Shortcake Tea Party in August! In addition, Blue Chair will be offering off-site story time  events and parties, working with the local schools and continuing to sell books for readers of all ages through their website.

All that to say that the next month is emotional for me! I’m really excited about the increased opportunity that a larger space offers while at the same time struggling with the fact that my girls and I are having to say goodbye to one of our favorite places. As we cover the beautiful murals with fresh paint and turn the climbing wall and back play area  into a workshop, we do so with a box of kleenex close by.

Thank-you Blue Chair for all that you offered the community. You will be sorely missed by many!