They are always there staring me in the face. Big Projects!

In the midst of big projects, I think “as soon as I finish (fill in the blank), I can relax.”

But, as soon as I’m finished there is another Big Project staring me in the face.

And so on and so forth. Such is my nature.

I’ve taken a blogging break for the past week plus, mainly because I haven’t finished anything worth blogging about. Rather than waiting until I’m done, I thought I would show a little peek about the big projects I’ve been working on.

My Workshop, for starters. A few weeks ago I blogged about how much I loved my workshop space and when I went back looking for something on the website, I ran across that post and screamed to myself, “WHAT WAS I THINKING POSTING PICTURES OF THE WORKSHOP! IT LOOKS TERRIBLE!”

So, for the past few weeks, I’ve engaged in some brainstorming with my evil sidekick, Michelle Black who always makes me rethink my hum drum plans to do something (what we call) “pinterest worthy.”

Every good redo starts with paint. I decided to paint out Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® in Versailles on the north wall and carry Paris Grey into the workshop so that the store flows right through to the back work area. I used leftover paint from the store ceiling on the workshop ceiling (painting out the last little bits of mural that were leftover from the bookstore) and added a pop of color on the back wall to tie in the Florence that is in the front of the store.

This wall will have a full size work sink against it with some great exposed shelving so that cleaning all of the paint and wax brushes will be easier.

I’m crossing my fingers that this industrial cart will work as the base for my new sink because I just bought this in Irvine for exactly that purpose.

Then, there was the mess of the floor.

Half of the floor was wood, the other half is lineoleum tiles with patches of some other stuff all over the place. We painted all of the floor white and taped it off for a painted diamond pattern.

I used Country Grey and Graphite as the diamond colors and started it all wrong. But, I’ll save that for another post.

Painted diamonds before sanding and lacquer applied

I spent my Super Bowl Sunday on my hands and knees finishing the painting, then yesterday I sanded it all down with my rotary sander and added a coat of Annie Sloan Lacquer to seal it. I just have to do the other side of the workshop floor this week.

The other big project has been this huge display piece I picked up on craigslist.

I’m refinishing this piece with layer after layer of milk paint and working for a primitive, authentic chippy look. I’ve been sharing process pictures on facebook so you can see what we’ve been doing each day. What, with five coats of paint on the exterior, a coat of hemp oil in between each coat of paint and a day of drying time from one coat to the next…well, it’s taking a bit of time. But, I’m really excited about how it’s turning out and can’t wait to do my first milk paint tutorial using this piece as my sample!

Throw in a few custom furniture projects in the mix, my regular day-to-day mom/wife tasks and all of that stuff…hence, my two week blogging break.

Now that the end is in sight of these projects, I have a couple other Big Projects to start.

And, here we go again…