I have been a bit down on myself lately due to my lack of blogging. I don’t write much anymore. Believe me, it’s not for a lack of content…in fact, my family can tell you I always have something to say! It’s a variety of factors, though. Like, my computer at home is sooooo slow. By today’s standards, it’s a dinosaur! I blog when I’m working at the shop, but on a good day, it can take over an hour to pump out a single blog post after all of the interruptions. It really takes the enjoyment out of writing and breaks up the flow.

But, tonight I decided to just deal with the cumbersome computer and write about how I’ve been finding an incredible balance in my life and working from home.

For the past few months, I have slowly begun working my way off of the “in-store” schedule. Don’t get me wrong…I’m there almost every day, but only for a few hours rather than long stretches of time. It’s been…well…I hate to say it, but a little bit liberating! I love to be in the shop, but when I was putting in full-day workdays, I had this “do-it-all-mentality.” I had to do the bookkeeping, paint furniture, update the website, clean, organize, take care of customers! Since I gave so much to the store during the day, I had to give my all to my home and family when I was there. It all became very stressful and I was losing the joy of the painting furniture part of it.

Now, I only work a few hours a day, when my kids are in school, maybe one or two weekend days a month so that I don’t completely lose touch, and the rest of my time I spend at home…with my kids…prepping a healthy dinner and cleaning house. The best part about it…I get to paint furniture without interruptions, outside while my youngest naps, my oldest does her homework and my dog lounges on the grass! Now, when I’m working in the shop, I can focus on the customers, update the website, post things on craigslist and etsy, package items for shipping, and so on and so forth. Since I have time to paint at home, in the evenings, I even manage to squeeze in a solid 45-60 minutes of exercise!

All that being said, I have some great pieces that I have painted at home and brought to the store in the past week or so!

A simple mid-century dresser.

Classic and simple with Old White

A very large dining room table (that I desperately needed to fill space).

Technically, I painted this at the shop. But, I snuck in the back to do it so no one knew a I was there.

It’s not a great picture because of the stuff piled on it, but you get the idea. Re-stained wood top and Pure White on the legs.

It’s a really nice table…and did I mention it is big?

Michelle Black gave me this antique drop leaf. It was so weathered and worn, it only took about 10 minutes to strip the entire top.

She’s a beauty and the base is painted in Arles.

I just finished this beauty today!!! 🙂 It’s one of those pieces that you look at and think no amount of paint can make it look much better…but it does. It looks amazing with some Greek Blue and Pure White. You’ll have to come back to see the finished piece.

Yesterday, I did this vanity with mirror and matching bench (there’s my oldest doing her homework right by my side…sigh…that’s contentment for me).
I used some Old White, Duck Egg and Paris Grey in a variety of combinations to finish this. It looks pretty great, too but you’ll have to check out the finished pictures on facebook.

Tomorrow, I get to rummage through the storage unit and pull out another piece to bring home and paint. Plus, I get to organize all of the unfinished projects for our big Spring Cleaning Sale this weekend. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I’m opening up the storage unit and liquedating a bunch of project pieces that we haven’t gotten too. Afterall, we are on the cusp of yard sale season and I know there are bigger and better things to be found so I’m planning on making room!!!

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