In our present world of pinterest-ers, is it possible to have an original idea? For a creative person (like myself) who strives for individuality, it seems that the more internet/blog savvy people become, the harder it is to come up with that one-of-a-kind product or idea. Such was my struggle in pulling together the theme, games and decorations for my sisters baby shower last weekend. When I was throwing around themed ideas, I decided that I was going to steer away from reading blog posts, looking for pictures and scouring pinterest for ideas. I wanted her shower to be a reflection of my interests, because I have a lot to pull from in that area, but also something that would be a reflection of Karen, my sister. 

(By the way, if you are tuning in for the first time, you can catch a glimpse of the baby shower here).

I decided to “theme” the shower around the nickname that Karen’s baby girl was given by my three year old. Let me back up a bit (because it’s a cute story).

I was pushing a double wide shopping cart around Sams Club during one of my weekly shopping trips when my sister called. She says, “I found out what we are having!” GASP! (We all new it was going to be a boy)

“It’s a girl…probably…about 80% sure.” I couldn’t believe it. I looked at my girls and exclaimed, “Auntie’s having a girl! What should she name the baby?” With a completely straight face and no thought involved, Molly said, “Sparkles.” We started laughing out loud and since then, the name has stuck. Everyone calls her Sparkles. 

So, with that in mind, the baby shower took on a “Sparkles” theme, starting with the invitations.

Since not everyone knew the story behind Sparkles the name, I had to be creative (and completely corny, I admit) in wording the invitation.

Going back to utilizing things that I already had on hand, I pulled together my burlap “project bags” as a pocket for the invitation.

I bought the teeny tiny clothes pins at Target and was horrified at how expensive they were and have since set up a wholesale account (with the help of my Merchandising and Branding Manager, Michelle) for teeny tiny clothespins. Ours will be cheaper than the ones at Target. :0)

I hand cut every little teeny tiny piece of bunting and hot glued it to twine. Like the sparkly paper?

I used the extra pockets that I made as napkin and silverware pockets for the tables. 

All in all, each invitation cost less than $2 each. $1 for the burlap project bags, $.50 for the teeny tiny clothes pins and less than $.50 for the paper and twine. 

Rather than glittering anything and everything, I used silver…lots of silver to add a sparkle to the shower decorations. 

Silver teapots and pitchers loaded with fresh flowers…

…and sparkly fringes in all of the flowers.

My poor mom spent hours in front of my sink polishing silver last week! 

My girlfriend Kim made beautiful and tasty cut out cookies, hand decorated and topped with…you guessed it…sparkly sugar glitter. 

All in all, the sparkles around the party were pretty understated.

Next, I will show pictures of my baby shower chalk art! So, stay tuned!