I try to get up early, no later than 7:00 am so that I can have a quick video chat with my husband before he settles down for bed. At that time, it is still dark outside. And, I’m not talking about that early morning dark where it is just creeping into daytime. Dark. Pitch black dark. All it does is encourage me to go back to bed. 

By the time it is light outside here in Luxembourg (at around 8:30 am), the light is only good for showcasing the intensly thick flog blanketing the city. It really does put a damper on the mood to go out and sight see.

Despite that, I’m not letting it stop me and I’m making the best of the weather and continuing with the travels. Today I took a train out of the city into a little village in Northern Luxembourg. And guess what!? I stumbled on my first thrift shop.

Like pretty much everything else in this country, it was closed. I was sorely disappointed.

This view wasn’t disappointing however. 

Neither was this one. I particularly enjoyed climbing up the stairs carved straight out of the rock. 

The purpose of this little venture was to visit the Chateau Clervaux in the village of Clervaux. 

Clervaux was the major site of the Battle of the Bulge during WWII and I was excited about visiting the historical museum. But, it was closed. (You seeing the theme of my trip?)

The inside of the Chateau was oddly modern. I was able to see one wing that was set up as an art exhibit. As soon as we walked in the double glass doors, it felt as though we were in the Smithsonian. Everything was very modern and not designed with the period of the Chateau in mind. 

More adorableness!

A gorgeous cathedral with the most beautiful doors. I have an entire post with just pictures of the doors I’ve seen!

The view from the top of the hill…errr…lack there of. Does it look cold? Cuz if it doens’t, it was. 

Cold to the bone!