With ten days of planned sightseeing around Europe, I was looking forward to nothing more than our plans for this weekend! 

1. I didn’t have to spend it alone. 
2. It was my scheduled “picking” weekend. 
3. We got to travel outside of Luxembourg for a few days.

We kicked off our weekend on Saturday morning and drove about two hours into Brusells, Belgium. 

One of the things I’ve noticed about Europe are the flower shops. I love how they display and arrange the greenery outside of their shops. And, it’s so different from the US. Flower shops here are mostly flower arrangements whereas in Europe they are packed full of greenery. There were hardly any traditional flower arrangements set in vases. And, you would go to a flower shop to buy your Christmas tree. 

Brussels didn’t hold the same charm that the small villages in Luxembourg had. It was a big city. Lots of cars and lots of traffic. The whole afternoon was kind of a pain in the neck to be honest. The antique store locations that I had pulled off of the internet were not registering in GPS so we ended up just winging it which wasn’t the brightest plan. 

After hitting up a pizzeria where we were threatened to get kicked out if we didn’t order our food right away (that is an assumption based on the French spoken charades we were playing with the waiter), we navigated around to find this landmark. The Belgium version of the Arc de Triomphe…sadly, I don’t remember what it was called. 

Me and Tracy


So many landmarks in Europe are old…like 2,000 years old. So, I naturally assumed that this was really old, too. It was however, constructed in 1905 (Compared to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris which was built in 1806). Barely a hundred years ago. Go figure. 
Me and Jamie

At least we found something cool to look at while we were in Brussels!