Coming up with creative ways to display product can be daunting. We seem to manage to put together nice displays with what we find here and there.

Like this gigantic antique display cabinet..


Or this piano that we use as a display demonstrating the difference between Chalk Paint® and Milk Paint.

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We used books for a color display of all the Chalk Paint® colors (Clear wax on the cover and dark wax on the back).

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The wall of crates display that underwent days of dark waxing and dirty fingernails as a result of making them look authentically old. 
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And, more recently a display and storage unit for our many styles of knobs.

I used to maintain the philosophy that everything is for sale. Time and time again our “displays” would sell and we would have to scramble to find new pieces to display product. It was stressful. 

With some defined display pieces finally in place, we changed our policy and have a few fixed pieces of furniture that are used solely for displays (such as the ones listed above).

Included in our line of display pieces is our vintage refrigerator. 

What better place to store a selection of Milk Paint than in vintage milk bottles inside of a vintage refrigerator? 

One of the local metal scrappers stopped by the shop one day and asked if we wanted this refrigerator (minus the awesome paint job) complete with about three inches of disgusting grime.
I thought Michelle Black was going to freak out over this piece. We completely lost our game face and what was offered for free somehow ended up costing $40. Go figure.
We used Lucketts Green to paint the framework and you can see the variation of the original finish where all of the chipping is. 

I cleared out one of my go-to antique stores of every old milk bottle they had to keep the different colors of milk paint in the bottles…in the fridge.

I used enamel casserole dishes for the waxes and color cards.

When I first started using this fridge as a display, all of the products fit nicely inside. The Miss Mustard Seed’s line has grown so much in the past year, I no longer can fit all the colors, waxes and hemp oil inside. With the addition of mini whisks, white wax, bulk sized containers, wax pucks, etc…I’ve had to expand the display onto tables or shelving units…whatever I have on hand. 

Nothing sets apart one shop from another better than how they are able to display their products. It’s my favorite thing about visiting other retailers. I love to see refreshing ideas, creative and re-purposed pieces to show off product lines. It keeps me inspired and motivated to constantly change and refresh! I have a new display in mind for custom color creations! You’ll have to wait to see how that comes together within the next couple of months. I promise at the very least, it will be completely and overwhelmingly colorful!