Quite some time ago, a customer came into the shop and asked if we had any vintage white pitchers. I smirked a bit and told her she would be hard pressed to find any white pitchers in the store because I have a bit of an obsession with them personally.

Rivard House-244

I love how you can have so many like objects that look so different in style and design. I think that is why I like chairs so much! You can collect a hundred chairs and not have two the same.

Over the years, I’ve managed to acquire quite the collection of pitchers. I use them as vases, pencil holders, nail polish storage, brush containers…anything is game to be stored in a white pitchers.


It’s hard for me to sell my little white pitchers. I’ve run out of space in my cabinet and have yet to get the shelving I need for the kitchen wall to collect more. So, in the meantime I’m bringing them to the shop and posting them online.



It’s ok. I will get more.

While there are some die hard Ironstone collectors out there, I really am only drawn to the pitchers, shapely bowls and tureens. I’m not likely to buy up platters, plates or mugs.

And, the good news is we’ve added a new page called “home decor” to start selling our vintage finds online.

So, if you have the same affinity for quaint, Ironstone pitchers as I do, I’m relinquishing a bit of my own collection.