It’s been almost three full weeks since we brought nearly a dozen truck loads of furniture and boxes to the shop from our Farmhouse Salvage Project.


Grand Farmhouse-142I am finally starting to get ahead on some of the cleaning and inventorying of new merchandise! In fact, there have been over a dozen small vintage housewares added to the shop almost daily!

Grand Farmhouse-119These are four of the eight total storage units on property. We even managed to pull out a six foot Duncan Phyfe table out of one of these sheds!

Several upholstered couches and wing back chairs were the comfortable residence of some local rodents. But, mostly these were loaded with xerox boxes full of dishware and other odds and ends.


Grand Farmhouse-86We managed to get all but one of the blue shutters and the windows. Michelle Black even dismantled the window casings to use the wood for image transfers.


Grand Farmhouse-83Check out the orchard ladder we found int he basement!

Paint with Princess-1That’s the entrance to the basement. It was pitch black and I walked straight into a thicket of cobwebs! But, there was some good stuff hiding out down there…including a live skunk. We found him sleeping in one of the little cubbies.

Grand Farmhouse-184Cobwebs are oddly beautiful when you aren’t walking through them.

Grand Farmhouse-22I posted pictures of some of the larger pieces of furniture that we pulled from the house on facebook earlier this week. Check them out for pricing information and custom opportunities!