I’m pretty psyched about 2016! We’ve got BIG plans for this year…some plans I can’t write about yet, but others I can!

After a comprehensive, two-day retreat with my management team (yes…we actually have one of those), we came up with some “Wildly Important Goals” to focus on in the new year that will not only grow the business, but to help us focus on what we really do well and expand in those areas.

Among our top priorities is investing in the quality and quantity of the inventory we offer. One of the most fun opportunities about owning your own business is scouting out talent and creativity.

With the wealth of creativity out there, it means that there is oodles of opportunity to introduce new products…it means that if you find something you like, pick it up before we no longer offer it…cuz space is limited and we can’t stuff the shop with EVERYTHING we love at the same time! Once it sells, chances of us carrying it again in the near future are pretty slim.

So, you want to know what we have now!!!!???? The newest items?

Introducing our newest line by Out of Print Clothing Co. I LOVE, LOVE everything that these guys make.

For starters, they are USA based and create products from their deep love of literature.

What do you know…I LOVE to Read, too…it’s kind-of an addiction. Really, I should’ve been the owner of a bookstore or an editor for a major publishing company. Alas, I’m not so I’ll just carry products that depict my love of literature.


How does this fit in with the knot too shabby style you ask? Well…for starters it meets the criteria of being “locally made in the US.” It also has that vintage vibe that we love so dearly. Afterall, when was the last time you had a library card punched with a stamp? Lastly, it is a company that values community growth and development. Every product that is purchased supports the donation of reading materials to communities in need.


And, as a small business that values community, knot too shabby is going to be more intentional about sharing how we make a mark in our community, whether that is through one of the product lines we introduce throughout the year or as a result of our own financial contributions and gifts.

Here’s to 2016…to fun shopping experiences…to more time spent devouring great literature…to impacting our city and building relationships with our customers!

Happy New Year!

Love, Michele