Last week, Kelly and I packed our bags and headed to the good ole’ south. New Orleans to be more specific.


The US distributor for Annie Sloan Paint, Unfolded is headquartered in that amazing city. Every year, we gather as a group of Stockists to network, brainstorm and share our vision for the future of Chalk Paint®. Imagine over 200 die hard Annie Sloan Paint enthusiasts gathered in one spot! The creative juices and enthusiastic energy was palpable.


I love going to conferences; facing the unknown yet knowing all that while when I return I’ll be invigorated; ready for change, growth and new developments.

This conference was no exception. I met fellow Stockists from California, Florida, Quebec, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Louisiana…just to name a few of the states represented. From our networking, we’re adopting some new workshop ideas that have been wildly successful across the country!


Unfolded shared the new product lines that are expected to come out in the future, including the release of Annie Sloan black and white waxes this month! I’m sworn to secrecy with the other products that are coming out this fall, but they are so awesome entire workshops are being developed in anticipation of the new line.

Kelly and I also learned that in the midst of a declining retail environment across the country, Annie Sloan Paints are going strong! Now, over six years on American soil and 25 years internationally, Chalk Paint® is still inspiring new people every day.


For the past four and half years, I have been privileged with the honor of carrying Annie Sloan Paint; of being a part of a massive DIY movement that strikes down the need for new and shiny, for lack-luster perfection and for the seemingly endless acquisition of more stuff. I’m part of a movement that values upcycling; of finding pleasure and opportunity in what lies right in front of us; of embracing family heirlooms and tradition rather than discarding them.


There are over ten million people living in Los Angeles County and only a handful of us; small business, brick and mortar stores sharing the Chalk Paint® message! We have little to do with spreading the word and sharing the message! It comes from YOU! Our amazing, devoted and loyal CUSTOMERS! Those who have experienced transformation, first-hand. Thank-you is not a big enough word to show my gratitude for how you have not only helped me grow the business, but how you have encouraged others to DIY!

Keep sharing the love and know that we are here, 100% to offer support and encouragement! Seriously, you can call us or facebook message us anytime!

Keep your eye out for the new products and check out some specials we’re offering below! Happy Painting!!!



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