I remember when the term “workshop” was synonymous with the man’s domain. Dad talked about how he wanted a clean workshop in his garage (which was shared with all manner of boxes, furniture…furry creatures). My Papa even had an entire one-car garage dedicated as a workshop. Fast forward thirty+ years and a workshop isn’t quite so gender specific. Now there are a wealth of “she-sheds” and dedicated workshop spaces specifically with women in mind. Women don’t want to create in a manly space. Women need light. Inspiration. Space. Decoration. Coffee. Flowers. Storage. Women need a space that is both functional and decorative!


Who wants to create beautiful things when they are surrounded by a whole lot of ugly?!

One year ago, we opened knot too shabby MONROVIA with the notion that our workshop space was going to be a major feature of both the retail and DIY experience, complete with a fully functioning coffee bar, free wi-fi, kitchen and stocked refrigerator.

Monrovia workshop-34-2

It is one of my favorite features of that particular store. A feature that I have loved so much, that we are carrying that same idea to knot too shabby GLENDORA.


In June, we will be closing for 7-10 days while we complete some pretty major renovations, for the purpose of enhancing your workshop experience. We’ll be adding some walls, building a kitchen, renovating our bathroom and giving the general look and feel of the inside of the store a complete overhaul.


Over the next month, we will be liquidating some of our product lines to make room for the new items headed this way. So, stay posted on e-mail, instagram and facebook for flash sales and updates on store hours as we work through the renovation!

Here’s to creating experiences and enhancing instruction!