This. Week!

Anyone else feel me?

Let me explain.

Last week, around Wednesday I was the subject of a verbal berating by a (rather inconsiderate) person in the middle of the store IN FRONT of customers. This had nothing to do with business, customer services or products. It had to do with my “trash” behind the shop.

Excuse me?

That is not trash. That stuff is beautiful, up-cycled architectural salvage ripe for opportunity. It’s just waiting for me to bring life to it.

Okay…so there’s a lot of opportunity back there waiting for me. And, a gentle push from Code Enforcement (along with a citation) forced my hand to clean up said “trash” and organize my salvage.

Like I had time for that. This was just two days before the knot too shabby BAZAAR. COME ON PEOPLE! Work with me here.

But, I got a little bee in my bonnet and wanted to be helpful to Code Enforcement so tackled my pile and organized, discarded a bunch of things and came to terms with my stuff.

The Michele at knot too shabby and the Michele at home are two very different people. See, the me at home throws away EVERYTHING. I do not get caught up in sentimentality over the sake of things. My philosophy is toss today, regret later. I rarely have any regrets. I just like my home life to be clean and orderly. The me at knot too shabby….KEEP IT ALL. “I could totally do something with that. Don’t throw it away.” Thus, leading to a massive pile of stuff that only I can see potential in.

So, I’m here to justify my store-hoarding problem.

Back in my pile was this great…errr…headboard? Wood thingymajig? All anyone else could see was a broken, falling apart piece of old furniture that could serve no other purpose other than adorning a dumpster (there’s an image of what it looked like before and the process I used to paint in this short video).

But I saw the great carved details and a gorgeous Milk Paint finish chipping and flaking to complement the ragged state. A headboard perhaps? But better yet, a great statement piece to hang on a wall.

So it needed a little glue. Okay. A lot of glue. Some overnight clamping and a few heavy books. Once I got all of the pieces reattached and secured, I had a good structure ready to paint. The end result is too good to be true.

So TAKE THAT! You doubters and non-visionaries!

The process once I put the piece back together:

Base coat in Shutter Gray MMS Milk Paint
Two Coats of Farmhouse White Milk Paint
Light sanding to work off the chipping paint and distress the edges
Hemp Oil Top Coat