Over the past five+ years, we have witnessed remarkable and talented women (and men) take their passion for painting, up-cycling and re-purposing and turn it into a lucrative business. Many had their start selling at the knot too shabby BAZAAR, others spent months taking countless workshops to refine their technique, and others yet “wing it,” so-to-speak and have used their own wits and experience to launch their business.

I freaking LOVE it! I LOVE that in some small part, we have been part of that growth and even provided inspiration and opportunity to other entrepreneurs.

I’m in a lot of private groups and message boards with other small business retailers, painters and the like,  and day in and day out I hear business owners griping about this person and that person who is-and I quote “taking my workshops and selling stuff now, right down the street from me!” Well, GOLLY GEE People…we live in a society that values and encourages capitalism!

Competition is healthy and truly separates the best from the less than best. Without competition, how do we as businesses ever refine or improve? There is nothing to measure ourselves against. Competition has an uncanny way of challenging us to be better then the next person…or better than our previous selves!

So, to that I say bring it on. And, while it may seem counter-intuitive for a business owner to acknowledge this, I want to be there as a resource to help you reach YOUR best potential!

I’ve created a new type of workshop geared specifically to those of you who paint for profit. It’s teaching you the best of our decorative finishes, tricks to work with the products, how to incorporate different product lines, infuse modern colors and finishes to antique pieces…all in the context of doing so as a business. They’re the kind of techniques and finishes that will separate you from the rest of the competition who do little more than paint and wax.

Whether you are just starting out, have been doing this painting thing for years or have taken the leap to expand online or in retail, you can do so as a PRO! You can speak as an authority on your process, the products you use and you can design and create something that truly stands out from all the rest of those sellers because it has a touch of flair!

Check out the calendar of events for the detailed schedule of our Paint for Profit Retreat or to sign-up for one or two sessions of the series!