School is approaching. Schedules are picked up. Books have been distributed. That never ending task list seems to be growing longer rather than dwindling. But, by some miracle we’ll get it all done before the kids are pushed out the door!

This year, my oldest starts middle school and we picked up her home set of text books. They are old, ugly and dirty. So, what better way to freshen them up and give them a bit of individual personality than covering them with some fun paper.

What you’ll need:
tape measure
fun (but heavy) paper

Step One:
Center your textbook on the paper and mark with the pencil where the top and bottom folds will go.

Step Two:
Cut off the excess paper so that you have no more than 2-3 inches folded.

Step Three:
Fold both the top and bottom over, using the pencil line as a guide then tape.

Step Four:
Fold the sides over the inside cover of the book.

Step Five:
Slip inside cover in between the folds of the paper.

Step Six:
Reinforce any loose paper with additional scotch tape

Step Seven:
Enjoy touching your books without cooties!