Some days, I have a hard time grappling with the fact that we’ve been here for over eight years. Other days, I can’t believe it’s been only eight years when it feels like we’ve been here forever!

One customer just told me last week that we are a fixture in the Glendora Village. But, compared to some of the other “fixtures” who’ve been around for over 30 years, we are just a toddling infant!

And, like childhood, I feel as though every year brings about greater growth and more refined development. So, what does 2019 look like for us as we move closer to a decade of serving our community?

For the first time since we opened, I feel like we’ve got it down. We’re not guessing (too much), we have a handle on our inventory (what does well and what people like to see), we are experts in the field of home decor and furniture refinishing and a cornerstone for giving back to our community. Our financial footing is seeing some stability, as much as any small business possibly can in a competitive marketplace. And, our customers are becoming both self-made connoisseurs in the paint industry, refining their homes and in some cases starting their own businesses.

We are looking forward to some really exciting changes this year. Changes that are going to alter the way we do business! If you’ve been following us on social media for the last few months, you’ve likely seen some of these changes being slowly implemented!

The biggest change is that Annie Sloan Paint is coming to us directly from her own factory in Oxford England. The paint that you see Annie Sloan use on youtube or facebook or Instagram is the same paint that we are using at knot too shabby! Essentially, the “middle man” has been eliminated and we are buying direct and have the benefit of consistency in product, color and support.

If you thought Chalk Paint® couldn’t get any better (I didn’t…really…I was like, “how could this formula be better than what we’ve had”)…it just did. MIND BLOWN!

Original-Just 2 Coats

The paint is the original Chalk Paint®…the formula that has been on the market for well over 25 years! It is thicker and covers more easily. It responds better to many of the techniques from distressing to creating textured finishes. And, the colors! Oh, the colors! Some have subtle adjustments in hue, many look nearly the same, new ones have been added…but ALL are easily mixed for custom shades and are richly pigmented for those beautiful finishes that we’ve come to love! And the BEST PART…


Basically, the price of paint just went down! Your’e getting more paint for your money. Better coverage. More projects from a single can with more colors to choose from.

For knot too shabby, this adjustment in ordering is bringing about some exciting changes to our business and pricing structure along with the growing pains of any major business development.

The growing pains are low inventory of many colors. Old White, Pure White and Original are in high demand and supply is being built up at the US distribution center slower than the orders necessary. On my end, it means I’m doing everything I can to keep it in stock while having order limitations placed on the quantities that I need. We’ll likely run out of Coco as that color hasn’t quite made it to the US yet and Burgundy is still in production. We definitely recommend you call before you head out to make sure your color of choice is in stock!

But, the positive’s (even during these growing pains) WAAAAY outweigh the adjustments!

First-larger cans. Same price. That’s a clear win win for all of us! It’s worth the wait to get more paint!

Second-New colors have been added; Svenska Blue (which you’ll notice looks remarkably like Duck Egg), Chicago Grey and Original (we’ve had customers asking for this color for years)!

Svenska Blue

Third-Expanded product that is coming to us MUCH MUCH quicker than we’ve experienced in the past. Which means, when Annie rolls out something new on social media, we’re included in the launch!!!

Fourth-We have much more flexibility to offer special deals for our workshop participants. Which means that if you take one of our popular painting classes, we can give you deals on paint and brushes!

Fifth-We have Annie at our back. Not that she hasn’t been for all these years, but she is even more available and more accessible…not just to Stockists globally, but to her consumers! In fact, you can catch her tomorrow for a LIVE Facebook Q&A where she’ll answer your questions direct.

So, that’s all big stuff!

On a much smaller scale, we’re gonna continue to do what we do and do it well. During our Business Planning retreat last week, Caitlin said “everybody has something about their home that they want to improve.” And, that’s the truth. Whether it’s a new home, and old home, a transitional home…it’s never finished! There is always something that you can do to make your home beautiful. Make it beautiful with us at your backs. The inspiration, the empowerment, the support…we are behind you 100% of the way at whatever level of DIY you are ready to pursue.