There are some pieces that aren’t worth selling. Either, because I like them too much and have scouted a place in the house for it, or because too much time was involved in the refinishing process and the time spent will never be recouped in the final sale.

Both were true for this antique wardrobe. A simple piece. Painting it would take no time at all. That’s not where the time was spent. When I got this guy, it was in sixteen different pieces!

Dad helped me tetris this guy back together…successfully. Then, the whole thing fell apart like a game of jenga. So, we had to piece it back together again, this time with glue and clamps as well as a sheet of mdf to re-enforce the back. It all sounds so simple, but it ended up taking us about two weeks to get it sturdy enough to sell!

I ran an Instagram story poll to see whether I should use Chalk Paint® or Milk Paint on it and Chalk Paint® won. So, naturally I went with Milk Paint because I already had my mind made up before the poll. Jerry would say, “I don’t know why you even bother to ask people’s opinions when you already have your mind made up.”

I used Shutter Grey and Ironstone on the small details sealed up with Clear Wax.

There’s some beautiful texture and chipping. Just the perfect amount!

And, after a few weeks in the shop, I took it home and replaced one of my curio cabinets. Dad built shelves inside so I have some awesome storage now!

I can’t keep ’em all! In fact, I don’t think I’ve brought a piece of furniture home in YEARS! So, it was time! 🙂