Art Deco Waterfall Vanity with Mirror

Product Dimensions

49 inches wide
19 inches deep
29 inches tall
67 inches tall to mirror top

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Take a trip to the early 20th century in admiring this waterfall vanity with original mirror. Prevalent in the 1930’s and 40’s, waterfall style furniture was one of the most common variations of the art deco movement. I wanted to pay homage to the timeframe this piece was made while giving it modern color and style. The paint finish is a custom blend of Annie Sloan Napoleonic Blue and Florence giving it variations of bright and bold peacock blue and teal. The round knobs add modern flair and style while complimenting the large, round mirror. The sides of the vanity have been created using an embossed stencil treatment and heavy textured paint finish that is more reminiscent of the art deco designs. The raised stencil has been gilded with gold gilding sheets as well as the dividers between the drawers on the front. You’ll also note subtle stamped designs on the body and vanity top utilizing the variations of the blue paint mixture. Certainly a one of a kind statement piece fitting for the most glamorous of girls!


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