Star Wars Inspired Dresser

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48 inches tall
36 inches wide
18 inches deep

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Well…I know this one’s different from my usual style. We’ve been tackling some essential episodes of Star Wars Rebels in preparation for the release of Season 2 of The Mandalorian. (Apparently one of the Rebels characters is predicted to make an appearance). Sabine Wren is one of the main Rebels and she is kick A!!! While she is a kick butt fighter and weapons specialist, she expresses herself through art…graffiti style more or less. So, the Rebels high jacked an Imperial Tie Fighter and Sabine painted it with wild colors and designs. That is the inspiration behind this dresser (you can see the photo in my stories). I’ve taken elements of her artwork on the Tie fighter as well as the embellishments she made to her armor and created a dresser that felt and looked like something Sabine would’ve painted.
I used @anniesloanhome Graphite on the main body with black wax. I splattered Old White to look like the starry sky on the black. Barcelona Orange, English Yellow, Primer Red and Antibes make up the colorful splashes of design in the corners. And, the bird guy (not it’s official name) has Louis Blue, Old White and Napoleonic Blue in it.


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