Rock Bottom Sales for a Slow Shopping Month
Blue Kitchen or Desk Chair
I found this beauty in someones trash on my way to taking Sammi to preschool one day. Making sure that no one saw me scavenging the garbage, I quickly pulled it out and threw it in the back of the car. I’ve been intending to fix it up, but never got around to it.
Sold $5
Paid $0
White Dresser
This was an awesome dresser, solid wood in really good condition. The detail work on the drawers was really pretty and with a bit of paint and some new hardware, it was going to be a gorgeous piece of furniture. Better yet, didn’t cost a dime. Thanks to Dr. Sally for finding this gem with a FREE sign on it by her house. I posted it in the off chance that it might sell before I would get around to refinishing it…and it did in a matter of days. I had multiple calls on this piece. Final price $45.00 (and I’m sharing the profit with my most masterful furniture finder friend).

Cherry Wood Console Table
Sold for $25 (Paid $5, original asking price $10)
The lady who bought this spent no fewer than five minutes trying to talk me down to $20 because it had a few teeny tiny scratches…to which I replied, that is why it is ONLY $25 and not $75. Take it or leave it lady! OK, I didn’t really say that, but honestly, it’s craigslist, what do you expect?

Awesome Ebay Sale for the Week
Holiday Mickey and Minnie figurine (still had original price tag for $25 on the bottom)
Posted on ebay with a starting bid of $.99. Closed at $19.75 with added $8.75 shipping. 

Out with the Old and In with the Old
Last Saturday, I found a killer deal on a great china cabinet…not great looking, though. Since I sold that amazing hutch a few weeks back, I’ve been on a mission to find something equally awesome to take its place in my kitchen and sell at a higher price point. 
Sadly, I lost the original picture so don’t even have a good before pic. But, I’ve got the after picture and I really like how the final piece turned out!
Sanded down and painted white.
Lightly distressed the edges to match my existing kitchen table and chairs.
Kept the existing hardware but spray painted it metallic silver. I’d rather replace it all together but that would cost around $30. 

One last final note…
Remember that box of freebies I got last week…over 30 books. Posted them on ebay, sold a few of them for some change. I’ll keep them listed though and over time, I’m confident they will turn over a small profit.