In what ended up being a pretty dismal weekend of yard sale-ing, I managed a couple of good finds but wasn’t on fire with my stellar negotiating skills. I’m thinking my lack of voice might have had something to do with that. I couldn’t use my natural charm and persuasive words to seal the deal with folks. However, I did manage an entire box of freebies from one guy packing up at the end of the day. He let me fill a box with leftover stuff, saving him a trip to the Goodwill. I wasn’t sure what I was getting, but as it turned out, there were about 30+ books, some of them hardback first editions from the early 80’s, two Leap Frog Leap Pads with books and games, a few toys and some other random stuff. I posted all of the books on ebay, so we shall see how they do this week. I’ll update you next week as to if it was a successful free find.

Some new items posted this week:
Large Indoor Playhouse with sink, stove and oven, washer/dryer. Closes to be completely self contained with windows to the outside and a door. There is even a chimney on top!

Posted for a Mommy Pickers clients:
Sleek Glass Top Desk with Nickel Grey Frame.

Profitable Sales this Week:
Winnie the Pooh Tricycle
Paid $3 (Original asking price $5)
Sold for $20
Epson Photo Smart Printer
Sold for $40 for a Mommy Pickers Client in under one week!
Shabby Chic Side Table
Paid $5 (Original asking price $10)
Sold for $35