It was a B-E-A-Utiful weekend for garage saling this past Saturday and more even more glorious than the weather was the great finds that I sold in less than 24 hours!!!

Making Bank at a Single Yard Sale
I actually went to one yard sale twice, because I had inquired about a patio table set that the guy was selling and I didn’t jump on it right away. I decided to head back because I thought that it might be a good find, and as I parked my car someone else was loading the table and chairs in his truck (After I left the yard sale, I remembered the patio table set that I just sold a few weeks ago for Sally that she pieced together for around $25 YEARS ago. I re-sold the same set for $50…weather beaten and distressed…ha ha. Who would’ve thought?) Anyway, the guy told me that he had another patio table in the backyard that he would sell to me. It was a gorgeous…well, not gorgeous at his house, but gorgeous in my head…he wanted $40. I thanked him for showing it to me and told him that was way out of my price range. His response, “come on girl, make me an offer. You gotta learn how to negotiate!” HA!!! If he only knew. I’m pretty sure my mom started laughing at that comment in the background. So, I told him the most I could do was $20 for the table set and I could cough up $30 if he threw in the wing back chair and chaise that were in the front. SOLD!

Upholstered Wing Back Chair with 
Semi-Matching Chaise

Sold $50 Paid $10 (Original asking price $20)

I did a quick upload from my phone to Craigslist when I dropped it off at home and received a call within an hour. An hour later, my buyer arrived and it was sold…before I returned to the same house to pick up the patio set that I bought.

Solid Teak Wood Patio Set with Cushions

Sold $100 Paid $20 (Original asking price, $40)
The Plan: To sand down the rough, weather beaten wood, stain and varnish.
The Reality: Like I have time for that. Let’s see if I can sell it in the meantime…and I did, less than four hours after it was posted.
So, I turned around three large pieces the same day that I purchased them! 

24-Hour Turn Around
Vintage Desk
Sold $45 Paid $10 
I had this desk sold in less than 24-hours without having to do any work. I was going to sand down the top surface and match the stain to the drawers, but sold it before I had the opportunity.

White Twin Size Headboard (the one on the right)
Sold for $40 plus $20 for the rails
Paid $10 for the headboard and $1 for the rails
A little TLC went into the headboard…mainly a couple of coats of white paint to make it cute, charming and very girly.


Antique White Table top Shelf
Sold for $20 Paid $1
The crazy thing about this one…the lady drove an hour to buy this little shelf.

Matching Dresser and Nightstand
Sold for $50 Paid $12 (Original asking price, $15)
So embarrassing…when I asked the guy how much for this set, he said $10 for the dresser and $5 for the nightstand. My reply, “Can I get both for $15?”  This set was in horrible shape…beyond repair. Even for me. 

Project of the Week
Antique Secretary Desk

This was a great find! It’s a solid wood antique secretary that has been painted at least two or three times. Under the off-white paint pictured was a heavy coat of forest green and then some brown under that. Plus, it was DIRTY! Like, cobwebs between the legs dirty. So, I snatched it up and easily covered it with about two coats of paint (including the hardware), sanded it down for that shabby chic look that I love so much and delivered it to my favorite storage facility…Blue Chair Children’s Bookstore in Downtown Glendora. 

The finished product: Clean, fresh and completely charming! Stop by the bookstore to check it out. Oh, and buy a book while you are there 🙂

Shout out to an amazing sale this week that I wish I could claim as my own…

Check out that damsel in distress in the picture…ha ha. I just noticed that. 

You would NEVER believe how much my girlfriend snatched this castle for! It honestly made me down right jealous. And, within a week she sold it. Our poor girls were sooooo disappointed. 

Little Tikes Play Castle
Retails for nearly $400!!!!!!!!
Sold by fellow Mommy Picker for $130
Paid $5…$5 measly one dollar bills! No negotiation necessary!