Months ago, I received an email from a lady who came across my blog and suggested that I drive the streets of Glendora before trash day with a pair of rubber gloves. In her email she told me that she had made $3,000 a month digging through garbage and re-selling it! Ummmm…no thank-you! However, don’t think I won’t stop by your garbage if you throw away something sell-able–that is as long as I don’t need rubber gloves to transport it.
Waiting to go out on Trash Day! 
Queen Size Bed Frame
SOLD in 2-days
Solid Oak Wood Dresser
Kids Desk and Chair Set
(re-painted after my own kids used it for the past 6+ months)
The Best Trash Find of the Year!
Kangaroo Climber
No Joke–in someone’s trash! Thanks to Mo-In-Law for putting this one aside for me
SOLD-in less than 2 days
That’s not even the last of it. In the past year, I’ve sold a leather recliner, bookshelf, wood chair, lamps, antique dresser, nightstand, another wood dresser, and probably even more than that! All waiting for the trash man!
A Big Month for Mommy Picker Sales! 
A couple good buys for some craigslisters and even better profit for the seller!
Pair of Wood Side Tables
Probable Yard Sale Selling Price: $15/$20 max
What I would pay at a yard sale: $10*
SOLD: $40
Super Big Pine Wood Armoire
Probable Yard Sale Selling Price: $30-$75
What I would pay: $20-$25
SOLD: $175
*Clearly, these items are worth far more than what I would be willing to pay at a garage sale! But, that is the secret to a great yard sale buy! Find items worth far more than what a yard sale brings and spruce them up for resale at a larger profit margin! 
NEW ITEMS from Mommy Pickers Clients
Antique Walnut Curio Cabinet
Antique Upholstered Chair on Caster Wheels
Solid Wood Wicker Chairs 
FOR SALE $25 each
Solid Wood Corner Curio
Check out our other great items for sale on Craigslist. Just type Mommy Pickers in the search box!