During the 2nd truck load, I smashed a table against my finger loading. Ouch…I barely managed to get my ring off of my finger and only forced it off after it started turning unusual colors…my finger that is, not the ring. 

What can you get for $200? A year worth of Disneyland trips for one person (minus 30+ blockout days), one night in a really nice hotel, a new wardrobe from Ross or one outfit from Nordstrom, a months worth of gas (well…maybe not at today’s gas prices), OR…

  • 5-piece kitchen table set
  • 4 dressers
  • Queen Size Headboard
  • Antique Hutch
  • 10 chairs
  • Little Tikes Outdoor Playhouse
  • 3 side tables
  • Antique Desk
  • Swing Set
  • Wrought Iron Plant Stand
  • New Toys for the Kids

And…a lot of PROJECTS and (eventually) some amazing turnarounds.

Hot Sales of the Week and Some Profitable Projects
Full Size Headboard
Sold $40
The only thing that made this a hot sale was the fact that two days later I was planning on throwing it in my neighbors yard sale to try and clear out some space in my garage. Originally, this was a matching piece to a vanity that had sold months earlier, but I had been trying to sell the headboard for several months now and was ready to get rid of it…despite the fact that I sanded and painted it to make it good as new.
HOT DAMN DEAL!  (Excuse my language)
Snagged up for $20 as someone was putting it on their grass with a for sale sign. A picture doesn’t do this set justice! It WAS DEEEEE-SGUSTING! There was nailpolish and paint all over the kitchen table, someone had etched their name into the wood with a paperclip, the chairs were caked in dirt and grime and the upholstery on the cushions were not only mis-matched, but totally gross! This was going to be a major project, but it was a steal deal with the added fact that it came with two additional leaves. I tried to sell it in “as is” condition for a quick turn around at $95…But…not a single inquiry! So, I made it a project of the week and two days of hard work…
Brand new upholstery, french country style from a yard sale up north! Exactly enough to cover the six chairs. Fresh white paint on the chairs (after a heft cleaning with some TSP), sanded out the paint and scratches in the table, added some stain and varnish and got a completely new look! Re-listed and sold it two days later
Final sale price: $275
My “I’m sick of painting everything white” project…
Antique Oak Telephone Table
Sold for $65 in 3-days
I could hardly believe this sold so fast because I was expecting it to sit around for weeks because of the “off” color. But, I really liked the end result of this project because the blue color was not only striking, but the perfect shade to give it a distressed and antique country feel. This is reminiscent of pieces that I see at the Pasadena Flea Market and fall in love with! Oh yeah…here’s the before image (which was posted for 2 weeks on craigslist for $15 with no interest whatsoever)
EWWWWW….Oak! 🙂

Some Hot Buys for our Mommy Picker Clients
Solid Un-finished Pine Wood Corner Shelf
Sold $50

Cash Register                                                                   Sold for $40 (A killer deal for the guy who bought it but a quick turnaround)
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