This week has proven that you can patch up, repair and make over children just as well as furniture. The cost, however is far more expensive, just as time consuming and way less fun! Not only did we get to visit the ER once, but we got to visit the ER twice. And, in less than 24 hours for two entirely different reasons-all linking back to prepping the new store for its grand opening. 
ER Trip #1-Wednesday. A 3 foot fall off of the U-Haul truck ramp where head meets cement. Not cool.
ER Trip #2-Thursday. A fall off of one of the chairs in the store caused a split lip and two stitches. 
Even in the midst of the drama and medical issues of the week, I got a heck of a lot done! The floors are finished, the walls painted, the ceiling tiles decorated (thank heavens…that was a horrible project), all of the furniture and accessories moved in and sorted, and the knot too shabby infommercial running around the clock outside of the store window…phew! I’m suddenly very tired thinking back on all of that. 
I also managed one furniture re-do for the week!
Not too bad, right? This was a really cute frenchy style dresser or hutch set in a nice shade of blue. A little dirty…a little dinged up but otherwise an easy project. And I knew exactly how I wanted to change out the hardware to give it way more style!
Remember these? One of the four handles on this dresser was broken so I had to replace them, knowing that eventually I’d be able to re-use them for another project. I seldom find furniture pieces that have three drawers, so I was ecstatic to be able to re-use all three for a single piece. 
Unfortunately, they weren’t the right size for the existing holes so I had to fill the old ones and drill new holes. 
The existing paint was in overall good shape, just needed some touching up. I just so happened to have a left over can of slate blue spray paint that would help clean this piece up nicely. So one quick coat gave it a fresh, clean look. I sanded the entire piece with super fine (220) sand paper to bring some of the original blue out and soften the spray paint look, making it look more like it was brush painted (Typically, I only use spray paint on detailed chairs that would be impossible to brush paint because it covers the wood grain and takes away a lot of the charm of painted furniture).
I spruced up the old handles to make them look new, and…
Ta Da! Staged and all!
Grand Opening of knot too shabby…less than two weeks away! The store is 90% ready…my house on the other hand…torn apart from using a lot of my personal items and furniture pieces to stage the store. So, this week I do some major make-overs on my own home! I’ll share some of the results later!