I hate the ceiling in the new store! I know it’s just a ceiling, but I can’t shake the blah-ness of it in it’s current state.
Looks like a hospital ceiling, right? So, some of my ideas to remedy this problem are:
1. Dry wall over the ceiling. Best option…errrrr…horrendously expensive. Not gonna work.
2. Get rid of the ceiling all together adding height to the walls and painting all of the conduit and ducting black. Better option and much less expensive, but the landlord didn’t go for that idea.
3. New ceiling tiles with decorative design. Easy option but at over $10 per tile + shipping it is even more expensive than new drywall.
4. Decorate the existing tiles so that they look less bland and more…well, decorated. So, that is what I’m doing. At a cost of about $75, I am going to remove the individual tiles and add some pizazz. I can’t wait to see how it looks and how it changes the overall appearance of the store. Cross your fingers that it works well!
An Antique Re-do
I loved the uniqueness of this antique telephone table, but it was in a bit of disrepair. The wood on the seat backing was falling to pieces and the legs of the seat were wobbly, a problem which I was never able to correct because the wood was so old that the screws wouldn’t grab onto the wood and hold it together. The repair that I mustered up was merely cosmetic, so I was sure to let my buyer know that this better served as a decorative occasional seat. 
This was the result of my re-do:
New upholstery for the seat cushion, a fun and contemporary bright color, repair the seat back and glue/screw the legs into place so that they were less wobbly. Plus, a little bit of distressing.
More Before and Afters to come this week as I continue cranking out refurbished pieces and prep for the fun job of staging everything! Check back and let me know what you think of the additions to the site!!! 
Decorations Galore. This is all I have…I think I need some more.