I could hardly contain myself when I found this completely uhhhhmazing yard sale find! Well, to be honest, I was containing myself quite well because my natural assumption was that the asking price was going to be far above what I’d be willing to pay. It was when I found out how much it was that I could hardly contain myself!
You would think after months of starting and finishing projects I would remember the “before” picture…but no. I get way too ahead of myself before I take that pic. At any rate, this is the DELICIOUS dresser complete with a matching nightstand. I nabbed the set for $35. The saddest part about the whole deal was that it was in such great shape, it didn’t need any work. As much as I LOVE to paint furniture, it pains me to slap a coat of paint over perfectly good wood. But, alas that is what I do. And, to be totally honest, I would have painted the entire dresser top to bottom if not for some inspiration from a similar dresser online. 
The final piece ended up being a very lightly distressed and completely shabby chic style dresser with a soft blue color. Since the original piece was in such nice condition, I left the top of the dresser in its original state and just painted the base. 
With the nightstand…
Make sure to stop by my NEW STORE to check it out in person…
STOP THE PRESSES…you heard right…NEW STORE!!! WOO HOOOOOOO!!! Finally, after four weeks of pushing papers, hob nobbing with politicians, attending council meetings and presenting my proposal to the Glendora City Planning Commission, I am approved and licensed to conduct business in Downtown Glendora. Opening this summer, “knot too shabby…refurbished treasures of olde!”
Stay tuned for store updates, an invitation only grand opening event and furniture to be featured in the store! Looks like my summer is going to be very busy! Hooray for the that!
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